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Mr. Nice

Code Names for talking about Radiohead in Public

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Thought this would be a good place to see what solutions you guys have come up with for discussing Radiohead in public with each other. Obviously we can't let normies overhear us talking about them because they will correctly assume we're social outcasts. Here's some alternative terms for Radiohead I've been thinking about:


On A Friday/Shindig: This is obvious but unfortunately people that overhear may think we're talking about our weekend plans, which we don't have any, so best to avoid this.

Yorkies: problem here is maybe too obvious to use one of their names, people might think we want to play with little dogs and are gayer than if we just liked radiohead in the first place, so this is a no go.

Head: people will think we're talking about sex and we don't have any.


so as you can see i need some better ideas

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On A Friday

but when I explain where that name comes from and how they evolved into the band they are today, the conversation typically ends up a punch to my face followed by "You fucking pretentious prick!"

One time I almost died. All I'm going to say is, if you ever end up on the floor bleeding from the face, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT SING "Don't look back in anger".

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