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This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

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thommino's pizza

Of course he's gay. You can hear how gay all his production is. He mics snares in the gayest way. Though I'm sure I remember someone here or on Reddit being scandalised at how young Nigel's girlf

"the singer succumbed to the advances of the girl from the Carrubbella district of the Norman town, first meeting her parents in a bar in the square of Monreale " Like in the Godfather? "Tom

Posted Images

  When I originally found these photos it was part of what seemed to be some intendedly serious art/study exhibit with headings and footnotes written in broken english that read like memes Fab would post.  Wish I could still find them.

sort of like ..."it time we humans beings learn to know the truth that all this phenonomon is part and parcel from the reptilians sexual activities.  Let us continue talk with the lessons" and then BOWOWOWWANNNG what the fuck am I looking at?!

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