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Radiohead Roasting

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Thom pulled all of Jonny's hair out during a heated argument at school. He's been wearing a super glued wig ever since.

Colin was there too, and he tried his best to protected his brother. Thom ended up squashing Colin's head with his bare hands, that's why Colin has bulging eye syndrome.

Even though Colin lost the fight, he did manage to sneak in a good right hook. That's why Thom's eye is a bit wonky.

Ed watched the whole thing and has been severely traumatised, so he keeps guitar playing to a minimum :classic_sad:

Phil wanted to lose weight but couldn't be bothered so he asked his scientist friend to clone him and make him skinny. You all know him as Clive.

Nigel smells.

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Too pussy to roast your favourite band?



You should all walk the plank in SHAME





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11 hours ago, Gorodetsky said:




I often think that if I am in the presence of a Radiohead fan I can automatically say the first 2 words of this and they would automatically know what I meant but then realize that maybe not everyone has thoroughly watched MPIE and I would just look like an idiot if I said this so I never do..Plus I don't talk to strangers because I'm antisocial like that..




..yeah see..

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