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  1. He's active on his instagram account. Maybe we should comment on some of his pictures... https://www.instagram.com/atease/
  2. I spoke to a friend who runs a very (VERY) big website and message board professionally. He also creates websites for his clients. He will help me to set up a new message board for us. I can't tell how long this will take. He's a busy guy. But we're going to find a new home! Here is my (old and unused) twitter - just in case someone pulls the plug on atease again. https://twitter.com/vierheller I'll keep you updated on twitter if shit happens to atease. You never know... Does anybody have suggestions for a board name ? What about idiotheque-board ?
  3. Remember when Adriaan pulled the plug and killed atease the first time? We lost so many informations and contacts cause he did it without a warning. (Im still pissed about that, to be honest) It’s most likely that he will do it here again. He lost his interest, that’s for shure. Maybe we should think about setting up our own board? Atease 3.0 anybody?
  4. I had sent him two messages many moons ago. He read the first one, but didn't bother to send a reply. Not cool....
  5. I wrote two messages to him through his FB Page. He did read one of them but didn't answer. The last one is still unread. Its from 28.09.2019 https://www.facebook.com/radioheadnews/
  6. I've sent Adriaan another message on fb. The last one which he didn't reply was from 15 days ago.The time of the last big spam attack. I fear he might pull the plug again. Seems he has lost interest in ateaseweb again.
  7. Fun fact: I wrote Adriaan on Facebook that this place needs some mods. We have been flooded with spam, and it's not the first time. He read my message - but didn't reply. Not one single word!
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