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  1. Zane

    Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    Do you ever wonder if thom writes a tune and thinks “hey this is Radiohead level (Dawn Chorus) but I should probably keep it for my solo thing so it’s not shit” (everything else on the record)
  2. Zane


    finally an ateaseweb user I can get onboard with
  3. Zane

    Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    he loves it to death
  4. Zane


    I guess I’m wrong!
  5. Zane


    I just don’t really see them making much more than two together at this point. But considering I always argue that they should be able to go forever then hopefully they’ll do more. Just seems like its really not a priority for any of them anymore
  6. Zane

    Dawn Chorus Is . . .

    He’s singing pitches the whole way through 😕
  7. Zane

    Controversial opinions thread

    A L I E N S
  8. Zane

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Oh gosh! Being gay! What a big deal
  9. Zane

    Controversial opinions thread

    I might get one of those posh toupèes in a couple of years
  10. Zane

    Controversial opinions thread

    Just because it’s in 5/4 doesn’t mean it’s good!!
  11. Zane

    Controversial opinions thread

    I’m listening to it now because of this post and whilst it’s not a terrible piece of music this is a terrible opinion
  12. Zane


    I wish Animal Collective still had the energy they did up till Centipede Hz. What an amazing run. Love that band so much.
  13. Zane


    I hope they take their time and come out with one final album that kind of sums up all the sounds they’ve gone for in one big hot sweaty mess. None of that restrained stuff. Unless it’s a ballad. I should produce it as I am musical genius