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  1. Zane


    Fun to see that booger is still booger
  2. Zane


    that reddit user is plopsack ffs
  3. Zane

    Best of r/radiohead

    sad state of affairs that a thread about Reddit is the most active thread on here bring back 2010
  4. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    yo so we're doing Amnesiac this saturday at the Vortex in London if anyone fancies it. God knows what it'll end up like, we're getting together the day before again but i"m sure they'll make something great out of it.
  5. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    yeah no idea what to do with that one yet think we might skip the bear one cos it’s shite
  6. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    May 18th at the Vortex in London, we're going to the same thing but for Amnesiac. Tori Freestone - tenor saxophone George Crowley - tenor/bass clarinet Dave Whitford - double bass Tim Giles - drums myself at the piano
  7. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Looks like we’re gonna do amnesiac April 19th, which is a bitch as I’m gonna have to write the arrangements in a massive hurry 😕
  8. Zane


    It’s fine it’s just so snoozy and flat. Some nice moments for sure, daydreaming is 10/10,
  9. Zane


    AMSP is poo
  10. Zane


    Kinda miss the atease heyday but I’m also kinda grateful it’s gone
  11. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Thanks Rob. Are you in the UK?
  12. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Thanks Mossy i’d love to do Feels but I’m not sure how much commercial appeal that would have. We’re definitely doing Kid A again somewhere else though. Hopefully we’ll not fuck the start of the title track up next time. Amnesiac is next for sure, probably in 3 months time
  13. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Good to see atease is alive and well
  14. Zane

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    here it is: https://ufile.io/odavr we only got together the day before and some of it was quite hard and as a result there are some annoying goofs in places but the vibe is still there, I think. My fault for not organising rehearsals! Thought it may be of interest if anyone is still here. also i didn't think about what to do with EIIRP so i just kind of fucked around. last minute jazz. there's the excuses out of the way. ps arrangements are by me and i'm playing the piano
  15. Zane

    Who is your new Radiohead?

    Please don’t criticise Bach