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  1. Zane

    Who is your new Radiohead?

    no no, please, don't try and post like Ash. No one else can do it, all attempts are sickeningly unfunny. Stop it.
  2. Zane

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    I'll record the gig yeah. It's going to be far less complex than what I'd hoped though as me being disorganised as ever didn't bother to schedule any rehearsals in until a month ago and by that time we can only get together once, the day before the gig! so I've had to make some of the arrangements a bit less complex. That said, the people playing are all incredible so it'll be great anyway. I'll post the recording here if its not too gnarly.
  3. Zane

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    what does Ed do all day? Whats Phil doing today?
  4. Zane

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

  5. Zane

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    the Vortex in Dalston
  6. Zane


    he's not looking well, bless him
  7. good to see this place is still a cesspit
  8. Zane


    Listened to the Numbers with th drum machine the other night, it was good! Thought I’d come and say hi seriously tho plz come to my Kid A thing on Feb 2nd
  9. Zane

    Thom Yorke – Spitting Feathers (2018)

    hell yes. forgot about that.
  10. Zane


    is anything happening in radiohead land?
  11. Zane

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    whilst I'm here, any london dwellers, on the 2nd February there will be a listening party of Kid A, followed by my reworks of the music for quintet. you should come
  12. Zane

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    i am listening to radiohead
  13. Zane


  14. Zane


    HTTT + IR wouldn’t be so bad
  15. Zane

    Official Mod Nomination Thread

    I’d be nice to everyone