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  1. don't forget that now there's no special edition a vinyl of this would make a great xmas gift!
  2. MOJO magazine doing a big feature on Kid A
  3. i mean, this is the best: https://youtu.be/EuW-UHHcv5Y
  4. how many people bought them poo poo solo piano records of Radiohead
  5. Since there’s no 20th anniversary box set then you should really get this on vinyl
  6. Well I guess that means you really outta buy my record really though, this kinda blows and I hope that doesn’t mean they’re despondent about it. I read an interview with Ed earlier this year that suggested he didn’t really care about Kid A and that none of them like looking back
  7. Trust me, I’m very sorry, I have to do this
  8. my take is that everyone should buy this record as its fucking awesome
  9. Wow that everything in this right place sounds awesome maybe I’ll buy this
  10. Zane


    did you meet him?
  11. LOL, cheers guys man i had a meltdown when they published that. Dude kept in so many negative remarks I made about myself, which is stupid for me to say that but I never thought anything of it, I was just chatting casually...until I read this dude write about four variations on "yeah I was fucking shite" had to scramble to get them to take loads out. sheesh
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