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  1. Agree. The mini discs are much more conventional guitars, base, drums, etc. The kid A / Amnesiac stuff was a complete departure. Thinking about Ed's diaries and all the information we now have on those sessions there are bound to be wildly different version of the songs we know today. Regards their judgement, the proof is in the pudding. Ok Computer is an excellent album (and I love electioneering!). What this discs don't show is the tinkering done in the recording and arranging the songs. It's a different process then jamming an idea out in a rehearsal scenario. They haven't always got it right, but we hold Radiohead, as they do themselves, to an extremely high standard. Maybe we shouldn't be so critical and just happy with what we have.
  2. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    The Bends as an album is a great. It doesn't get enough love these days. It needs a proper anniversary release, but I doubt there is much in the way of demos or alternative takes knocking around. 25 years anniversary isn't far away.
  3. Fox

    We did an Amnesiac Jazz thing...

    just listening now, it's awesome!
  4. Fox

    Job working for Radiohead????

    Definitely not real, but fair play to whoever went to the effort of creating a a fake job, hoping some one would get the references!
  5. Fox

    Job working for Radiohead????

    Urgently Required: Senior Anti-Hacking Engineer. Due to a recent security breach of one of our leading A-List clients, we are now seeking an expert Anti-Hacking Engineer to join us on a full-time basis in our luxurious London offices. You must have at least ten years experience in protecting premium musical assets online, digitally and in an analogue capacity (having just okay computer skills will not be sufficient). We are especially interested in candidates who can ensure that legacy format material (e.g. mini discs) can be prevented from being leaked and held to ransom by some creep (fortunately, the band did not hail to the thief). It is essential that you remain up-to-date and ahead of the curve, in regard to the latest cyber threats, theft techniques and hacking procedures. We were recently caught unawares when an antiquated offline medium was somehow hacked and 18 hours of extremely valuable recorded music history were compromised. This was the first time ever that a collection of offline devices has been hacked and as such this is one of the most challenging developments in musical crime in recent years. Prior to this, the only known breach of this type of audio format has been from burglary or theft. We require an individual who will take full personal responsibility for our security offerings. We have no interest in your application if you respond to issues with the attitude of 'it is not my fault'. Our technical infrastructure will require you to work across a diverse range of hardware and software solutions. You will need to complete an extensive CRB check prior to a job offer. We appreciate that this may feel excessive but after recent events, we are a little paranoid. Android and iOS knowledge will help set you apart from other applicants as we launch our forthcoming mobile security platform. We let down a client by allowing them to be hacked. Due to a swift response, the band were not extorted and they managed to turn the event into a positive. However, we have learned our lesson and are going to ensure that no surprises arise from now on. This can be your chance to make a name for yourself in the music industry by ensuring the safety of our clients' musical legacies. Apply today with a covering letter, your CV and a link to your portfolio. We look forward to your application. Be lucky!#
  6. At least Pink Shirt has apologised which is commendable. Loving the effort Devilhood!
  7. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/12/radiohead-minidiscs-hacked-review Now it's getting reviews?!
  8. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

  9. Fox

    Ban me

    I imagine nothing other than being new to the board. I'm 'old new' (I was here a long time ago) and I only came back looking for news about the leak from a site and community I trusted everyday once upon a time. As much as I can't rationalise everyone's attitude on here, especially as my first post alluded to some toxicity, I'd stick it out. Be part of this community. We all like Radiohead. So we at least we have something in common.
  10. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    I taught myself how to play when i was 14 using some guitar tab, not music notation. I did a little research and learnt a load of Oasis and Verve tunes (really simple Chords) because its easier when you know the song to be able to work out how it should sound. Joined a school band 6 months later and wrote some awful songs but it was fun. I have my own MiniDisks but certain no-one wants to listen to them! Lift is easy too. Give it a go - a guitar is cheaper and more portable than a piano and to be fair there is a quicker/easier speed to competency. 🎸
  11. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    I completely appreciate that too, i think it fair to like something more on repeat listens... I learnt to play this years ago and loved playing it. A) because it was easy to play and B) no one knew what i was playing. It allowed me to share the live recordings with my mates and expose them to a world of other Radiohead stuff. So it does have good memories for me, i just don't want to listen to it for several years! 'I Promise' and myself are on break for a little while!
  12. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    I loved it when it was a live rarity, enjoyed it when it was released as part of OKNOTOK but i think the overexposure through the leak has made it it impossible for me to listen to at the minute. I'm sure when i revisit it a long way into the future, i'll appreciate it differently/again.
  13. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Does anyone?!
  14. Fox

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Assume this is why it took a little bit longer to get this out. I think this is an incredibly pragmatic and mature response from the band, further more we now get a better quality end product. Fair play to them.