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  1. A Lift Shaped Pool is a song I'll never willingly listen to ever again To think there is an ever darker timeline where that is the only studio versh we ever have! A moon shaped boot
  2. Cor do this band like hawking shit A calandar. That book one (March, presumably) better be a full & Frank explanation & appy olly loggy for the lack of Kid A Minidisc or whatever our fevered dreams desired back in the impossibly gorgeous optimistic before-time of 2019
  3. obligations complications routines and schedules drug and kill you bruises that won't heal
  4. If you worked out the average in some mathematical way, the one furthest from that would be probably Pab Lowhoney But for my it's King of Limbs. Thom spends three years getting into Burial, Flying Lotus and other deepstep, drops acid, goes for a walk in the forest & comes back to fire up Fruity Loops and keeps adding drumkits on the default 4/4 setup And the result is just the band covering it. Or in the case of Ferul, Thom just gave Nigel a USB and asked, Produce THIS. .... It's different
  5. In House of Cards apparently its /ill do mine/ I always thought it was Deal? forget about your house of cards and I'll deal mine Which is like, fitting n good and nobody would complain ever as it fits the metaphor n all that shit This is Beautiful Lumps and Swell /Once As Well all over again
  6. one minute snake charming the next in a motorcade ??? ve been climbing up this ladder I’ve been wasting my time up on the ladder we are tied to the stake up on the ladder we wait for your mistake / Rhyming stake with stake is.. Yeah I've been wasting my time also feels a bit gauche. Yeah it's about the hollowness of the corporate ratrace, Mr Never Had an Office Job. I think this is a first draft lyric that survived / up on the ladder trying to call out your name up on the ladder you’re all the fucking same / Where are you now, w
  7. Bad lyrics part XXXXV: /I'm in the middle of the picture lying in the reeds / I choose to take this literally. It's a painting of Thom (or maybe THE COUPLE IN QUESTION) half stuck in the center of a pond, along with other items of lovelorn pathos, eg. A bicycle for two, a baby carriage, a wardrobe in the pond too oh fuck I don't know I am just trying to project some meaning onto this song All I Need vs Faust Arp in a mixed metaphors-off
  8. I just listened to In/Rainbows for the first time in forever (possibly a year) I cried twice (all I need and videotape, I started drumming the hidden syncopation on my table with a pen lmao) I danced once Once. For. ALL OF IT. I also love the backing vocals in the otherwise plodding House of Cards. "This Is Reverb", an in joke about everyone thinking it's crazy delay pedals!! Best album. I bought one of those Megaboom 3 Bluetooth sticks and whopped the bass right up. Was delightful. The bass rumbled my dining table You can chain
  9. if a doorman and fuckin loser list dude spoke like that to me well I probably wouldn't be a world-famous adored songwriting genius I'd have fuckin smashed their faces in a bit tho
  10. 20 seconds in: Guest List Dude: There's a guy here? DOORMAN: you hear anything about radiohead? (thomn waits outside) (no) DOORMAN: what? party for raidohead> sorry I son't want to put you out! haha! THATS PRETTY FUNNY (thom storms off) OH WOW SHIT {wanker) DUDE WRITE A SONG ABOUT IT COME ON MAN WRITE IT RIGHT NOW Doorman: RADIOHEAD! CREEP! DICKHEAD! Wasn't it a good year? Wasn't filled with talkin.
  11. they probably see it as gauche to full-ass or some shit except Ed but hey, did YOU listen to his album today?
  12. the flow to this is also terrible split up the TLW versions as nice little haunting reminders over the whole set you've also mislabelled (maybe reddit's fault) what is clearly Sit Down Stand Up SIDE B - THE SOLO SIDE (1 hour, 34 minutes): This sort of categorisation is exactly what makes TOWERING ABOVE THE REST such a chore to listen to: corralled from Excel, no respec for the tunes and their flow Fuckin dirge this man, I mean 15. Silly Voices [found sound] 16. Touchies + Feelies 17. Ed's French Loop 18. August 19. The Cupboard Monster 20. My New Clothes (take 1)
  13. I beat you to it like 6 weeks ago and played WAY more fast n loose with the studio jams I mean you actually include I Promise what the fuck is this, The Onion posting here?
  14. Scott Walker: wasn't it a good year? 2020: no
  15. Zane seems genuinely aggrieved I have zero interest in clicking a link to hear a Kid A cover Little ol shitpostin Glitchy! One Glitchd worth a thousand Redditors One Girl in Purple worth us all! Us all.. Us all.. Us all... (it is fading out & resonating BIG)
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