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  1. Glitchd

    Ban me

    Had six people in 24 hours personally attack me, ranging from "are you 15 years old" to "you have a low IQ" to "are you from reddit"? (in reverse order of offensiveness!) I don't get it - I've lurked a while and people clamoured for new users, and while I've had assholes come after me for uh signing up, it's been a relentless tide of negativity on what I thought was surely the greatest day in Radiohead fandom for a while. Just don't see why I should pollute my days... I have the music, and it makes me happy. Sorry, I liked AtEase back before the shutdown, but if I wanted random abuse for no fucking reason, I'd become a politician... Delete this account utterly, I will not be back. Thanks to Appearcomposed; genuinely the most switched on person I've spoken to! (And Spaghettimatt was gracious enough to show me a human side after a mutual rocky start). You have good people; but my advice is do something about the stupid, aggressive, elitist attitudes.
  2. Stunning comment. I'm leaving, but I'll remember that - it's good to see wisdom out here, in superfan land Take care Bunker, you're one of the good ones, and I've saved your list to Notepad for my own perusal - hopefully you take that as the compliment it is 🙂
  3. Sure you will. I'd love to throw you under a fucking car. Bang bang cowboy.
  4. Your tryhard lolrandom posts for a start
  5. That's actually quite a handy guide, thanks dude (hate the doc with people going OMG THIS MADE ME CRY)
  6. I'm referencing Thom sending the band CDs of HTTT material and having some fun with how I personally experienced each album in its greatest form but if you want to get nasty, PM me so we can meet up and sort it out properly
  7. Bends = tapes OKC = minidiscs Kid A = Muddy Mp3s Amnesiac = Slightly higher bitrate MP3s HTTT = CDs In Rainbows = Vinyl TKOL = Clear vinyl AMSP = Spotify
  8. The last two thirds of Disc 5 might be my very favouritest
  9. Kind words, thank you 🙂 Aye, I don't know if we will get a band response... if I were you, I'd probably weigh up what I've spent on the band so far, your own "Impact", and what it would mean to you - do read this thread, there might well be a point where you realise the happiness outweights the perceived moral issues? Plus, I find it hard to find fans of any band who haven't enjoyed the odd bootleg - recorded without consent (bootlegs are basically prohibited in most venues). Perhaps you could set a time limit, eg; one month without band comment or lawsuits = they're clearly not interested? I dunno. For all the OK Lawyer jokes... what is ACTUALLY happening in the Radiohead camp? If Colin is indeed implicit, that would throw an interesting slant on it Again, good luck! And contribute... but I think it would be a tough job here to convince anyone they've done wrong (but to be fair you ain't doing that) You are in control of your life, and best places to judge if this would benefit you.
  10. This is weird cause basically if I wanted to thank someone, I've got to thank Fake Hoserama for spitting his dummy out that Zimbra tried to fucking sell something, or thank Zimbra for being so fucking gauche and objectionable he triggered this flood of material .... Think I'll thank myself for just diving in!
  11. You're welcome. I was having fun with the follow up response btw so if you want to pick and choose the first one was from the heart. The second is me being Bill Hicks! Seriously whatever you choose to do, just.. be happy with it I did, for the record, have the same thought (but in a oh shit, is this ripping off the band?? kinda way)... and with the OK Lawyers stuff I think a lot of others people did. BUT, our place is so small, as fans, and I don't think you can affect real change. It is noble... but overstated, IMO, and a lot of the Reddit stuff I've seen (which is not "much" at all) seems, if coming from a nominally decent place, a bit disingenuous and artificial. Because if I chose to not listen - I wouldn't have done so, but if I chose that I sure as hell wouldn't have signed up somewhere to TELL people to. It would, by my reasoning, lose power if it turns into a platform. Not saying you're doing that - but IMO, if someone was going to use it as a "I'm better than you" thing, they're being bad in a different way. Life is too short. I'm dying to know the band's opinion btw. You can't do much with silence. It would not change my mind. But I give no fucks about 1) the music industry and the label Radiohead belonged to at the time, and 2) people who don't truly know me; not in an arrogant way, I will listen, but sometimes you have to trust your heart. And I mean this: I've had a shitty, SHITTY fucking time with family deaths n shit recently, and I'm sick of funerals; my favourite band's work from my favourite period fell into my arms. Shit, if my own personal morality has much to do with it, I'm gonna give myself a fucking break! 😉 Good luck with whatever you choose - and by that, I just mean, be happy and peaceful with it
  12. Quoting this for my review when Ed's album comes out
  13. But what about all the bad in the world? All the despotism, daily death tolls, climate change, nonce rings, fascism on the rise, smoking being legal, weed not, murders, wars, hospitals struggling, animal mistreatment, international tensions at a high? Is downloading some 20 year old MP3s from a rock band not an equal sin to these issues we all individually protest every single day?? Haha I'm just being forthright about it... Imagine having ethical qualms about this and even having the foggiest fucking notion about the world we live in right now. You'd be exhausted. But also, imo, a little arrogant to presume your actions here are even that meaningful. As the Buddha said, you should include yourself in your good actions; why not treat yourself? I'm MUCH happier this music has been liberated. Tbf just jealous of such a tremendous first post. Signing up to ask the "guilty" about an ethical quandary they don't have. Like I can delete these now and forget. I'm still posting up a storm 24hrs later and it's not going as funny as that one!
  14. It's literally victimless for us. If you're giving something to the leaker, that's on you. We are not him and not as culpable Handling stolen goods is not the same when it's digital. The definition of theft centres around deprivation. What are you depriving anybody of? I recommend resolving to buying any of this if it comes out. It is worth noting as well, for all we know these have been hoarded for YEARS. If anything, the only argument I *can* understand is the artist's intent one... And I guess, the kicker is this: What YOU choose to do now, even absolving, changes nothing. Any ethical stand is a fart in the wind. Personally, I think depriving *yourself* is pointless, and any karmic little buzz you might feel gets dwarfed by throwing shade trying to make others feel bad, or being "proud" Just be happy, and if you honestly don't think it's right, don't engage, but your protest - even if all of us protested - would not have prevented the leak; that seems borne out of a trader dispute or something. You are not to blame for / bittersweet distractor
  15. Use a Zippo lighter! not much easier but you it's cooler haha
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