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  1. I ONLY listen to radiohead and abba
  2. I'm still waiting for tkol pt 2
  3. That's two chapters ago I'm on the current chapter... EARTH
  4. Kid A reissue died of the covid I'm afraid
  5. ...not as good as F E A R I N O C U L U M
  6. I was thinking the same thing especially as I'm away from home until Monday. Tornado warnings right now even. Cool.
  7. Yeah at lolla 08 he was all fucked up on a mix of weed and booze so bad that his voice would clip during the loud parts. Actually... I think that was me. Nvm.
  8. I don't know but I think Frank Lampard should produce the album. Fuck Nigel what has he ever won?
  9. Yeah he kinda sings the word "pots"
  10. ANIMUS coming... I hear bill mckibbens will replace thoms gf in the next film, but otherwise the exact same.
  11. Morning Mr magpie! 😠
  12. The world will end because of climate change by the time HTTT is 20 tho. Tis really too bad tbf.
  13. It's worth it. Smaller venues and killer bass. Setlists should include more of Anima now too. Even though when I saw him last fall they played 6/10 (counting two feet) of it already anyway.
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