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  1. forward


    It's pretty naive to think any musician is noble and pure when it comes to other girls, men, both, whatever. I do put some credence in the theory that Thom put out a press release to announce their split because a gossip paper was going to announce it for him, possibly with photos of him and Dajana. It also wouldn't shock me if he and his first partner had ended it, stayed civil for the children, lived together, but had moved on – and that's when he was seeing Dajana, while she was still dealing with her sickness. Not especially kind or compassionate but people are pretty flawed, we all are, and our circumstances are only our own. Pretty easy to also hear the trajectory of that relationship from Amok to Tomorrow's Modern Boxes to A Moon Shaped Pool. The idea he's married an Italian to get her to stay in the UK, that his kids hate him, that he bought a house and doesn't let them stay is pretty far-fetched and a troll or mental illness post. I'd put the sexual escapades – legal or otherwise – in that basket too. Tumblr? ffs. I'm sure there's gossip in Oxford and I believe more on the internet than I ever used to (I remember thinking those 'burn the witch' cards and the OKNOTOK posters were some reddit pr@nK$t3rs). Who knows.
  2. forward

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Interesting that XL posted a photo from 98-2000ish of the band. No caption. Who knows. Them just putting out a Kid A reissue out of nowhere and not especially close to any significant date would make a lot of sense. After all it'd be a great distraction from the delay of Thom Yorke's new solo album. Dude just doesn't want that out.
  3. forward


    This user too: https://www.reddit.com/user/Romahnee/ You can't get sued for cheating on somebody, especially when that somebody is dead. There is also nothing illegal about having a domination fetish, unless you know, it includes acts of violence... It's a load of horseshit. I think they're just becoming a lot more scatterbrain about releasing things, losing the sense of a tied time and alignment to particular releases. The Tomorrow's Modern Boxes shows continuing into 2019 show this.
  4. forward


    Wait what, @Bacon can you please post this specific thread? Thom Yorke cheated and probably cheated throughout his life. Touring musician sleeps around. Not especially noble but it's naive to expect otherwise. But what do you mean illegal? Why come on here and allude to anything on a minor website where you're not even substantiating the rumours yourself – you're just posting them. Like, just link it. As for the lack of promotion, they didn't do many interviews for The King of Limbs. Like, what, one for Rolling Stone and that was more for the tour. And a few TV things at the time. In terms of touring, honestly, I got the feeling that he's been doing as much as possible simply because he's keeping him going and entertaining him. Kids are older, wife's dead, probably dealing with his own shit. The concept for these tees are cool but the execution here is terrible. Fucking denim acid wash. Really? The Kid A period had the best tees and they're neglecting it. Classic.
  5. forward

    Austin City Limits 2016

    A Moon Shaped Pool is okay. Yeah, okay. No great songs really, everything on there is kind of just nearly there without being a perfect execution. I feel they did well to unify the vibe somehow. They do sort of make sense together, like all the songs. But it's just too scatterbrain. Keep your folksy wannabe shit like Desert Island Disc, The Number, Present Tense for whatever else. Ed'll take em. Daydreaming, Decks Dark, Glass Eyes, and the last two songs work together (Tinker Tailor is their most pointless song though – just make it a ten-track album) and on another album, I think Burn The Witch would have slotted in fine if that was the one sort of anomaly. I even feel a stringy version of Spooks could have even slotted in. But there's just too many different sounds going on. Identikit, Ful Stop would have been better on the spooky digital-forest album I thought they'd come out with after the OG Identikit. Which is better by the way, still the best drum hook they've ever come up with, silly cunts. I was expecting that album to combine the nature themes of The King of Limbs with the syrupy, dark, black-night vibe of In Rainbows... weird thing to say but I just imagine a test-pattern and black bush for that sound, all over-scuzzed and blown out synth sounds.
  6. forward

    Austin City Limits 2016

    The King Of Limbs isn't even that good live. The best songs (Bloom, Lotus Flower, Separator) are good at using the loopy, over-produced, earthy vibe that the album carries. Bloom can be boring as fuck live. Lotus Flower is just a fuzz-fest, but not in a bad way. The crap songs are crap songs because they're lame little experiments they all made pinging off their heads as opposed to great attempts at songwriting. If you're not going to let Thom write a full song, or he isn't going to let himself, you at least need some memorable hooks or a bang-on atmosphere... Morning Mr Magpie, Feral don't have that.
  7. forward

    Best of r/radiohead

  8. forward


    Skirting could be a really fun, really unique, groovy arse song from them but they really struggle with that sort of song. Present Tense became this calypso bullshit. Overproduced. They need to realise that if a song sounds boring for three minutes, they need to tweak its structure – not add choirs, synths, vocal effects.
  9. forward


    I Froze Up is terrible, that Cambridge version is like the old cunt is making it up as he goes along. Lots of the remaining unreleased songs have that issue tbh, they just meander. Some have no variation, but that one has the most phoned in, noncommittal verses I've heard. Skirting On The Surface could be a really good (and unique) song if they make it a bit heavier and funkier. Don't overproduce it, don't slow it down. Let it breathe but give it something. Open The Floodgates needs to be really white, cold feeling. Just Thom and the piano. The best bit about that one is the space. You really enjoy those piano tickles and the 'aahh-aaaa-aah' melody sticks out a lot because of it.
  10. forward

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    https://www.nme.com/music-interviews/ed-o-brien-solo-album-radiohead-nature-sing-interview-2019-2477408/amp New Ed interview with the NME. Album in September or October, a tour, still looking for a label, Radiohead had a chat in January, solo projects for now, "could be next year, could be ten years' time." Standard. What's really interesting are his quotes about nature and The King Of Limbs:
  11. forward

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    That There There demo or whatever (looks like a live take? Early webcast?) sounds nothing like the finished version. Completely meandering. And ya know, none o the drums. The Where I End And You Begin demo is pretty cool – very neurotic, very paranoid and cold feeling. Reminds me a lot of the Jonny remix of A Rat's Nest or that other version of Weird Fishes they chucked on the website. Pretty sketchy and rough sounding but it really, really suits their vibe. Love the big drums that sound like a jean-button in a tumble dryer too and how high it's mixed. Genuinely think that would've been a better way to approach a quick solo album after The Eraser.
  12. forward

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Colin is the sort of person to call it Kid A Anniversary Edition
  13. forward

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    I'd like to see the three CDs released in some rickety, mixtapey 2003-way tbh. Leaked online themselves obviously. We don't need a remaster or all the b-sides again, they're well archived and easily available online. And sound as fine as they should.
  14. forward

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    It seems like Kid A, and by default Amnesiac, and then In Rainbows are the most likely to get a classic reissue, with demos and sketches and alternate versions. And hopefully new, full songs. Though there's nothing of that era we're clamouring for and that's going to have the appeal and excitement of a Lift or Big Boots. I'm definitely most keen on In Rainbows; those Spike Stent sessions could be the most interesting insight into the importance of Nigel Godrich. I get the feeling that if they were happy enough with 15 other songs from 1999, 2000, then they're the ones they put on Amnesiac and as b-sides. If there was that much going on, they'd have chucked it on some singles somewhere. Feel like that alternate version of The Bends could be cool. Hail to the Thief probably has a lot of really good, punchy demos they fucked up. The one thing about Radiohead is they're such bad judges of songs, at times, that inevitably there's demos we'll never ever see which are better than say Bodysnatchers.
  15. forward

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Anyone else absolutely hate 'Kid Amnesiac' as a title? As bad as Kid B or OKNOTKIDA...