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  1. Wait, Lotus Flower is about a threesome? It does have sexy bass.
  2. Homesick Android

    2018 North America Tour

    Fuck Dimedozen. Fuck ratios. There's easier ways of sharing music. I've rarely been part of a private torrent site where it didn't become increasingly harder/nigh-on impossible to seed, thereby defeating the fucking purpose altogether. How hard is it to post a link and let all who want to download do so? I'd post an OK Computer sessions leak link right now if I wouldn't get jumped on by folks feeling all precious about their fandom. Nobody pretend they don't want the same thing... if the taper didn't want his or her recording out, guess what? Not that we're unappreciative, just the hoops we have to jump through sometime seem egregious. Also, none of us own the music we're so hungry for, so there's another truth. And I'm not talking about instant gratification here, just encouraging easier avenues of sharing that don't exclude.
  3. Homesick Android

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    May I get a link for this thing, please? Everywhere I go, I hear folks talking but not sharing.
  4. Homesick Android

    Ill Wind getting single release

    Finally! Glad to have it.
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    Cut a Hole?