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  1. Vinyl is incredibly bad for the environment
  2. Don't question their authority or put them in the zoo
  3. There's something on your nose.
  4. I tried this and an interesting thing happened, I got bored halfway through and stopped.
  5. Radiohead are so last century
  6. Ignore the haters, they're probably non-player characters.
  7. This is why autistic people are hated.
  8. I was expecting the worst with Phil's album and was pleasantly surprised, even more so by the follow up. But my expectations with this are so low now that I don't think I'll even be able to be disappointed; I probably won't even listen to the whole thing, unless the first few songs really grab me.
  9. Disappointment won't even begin to cover it. This is going to be as close to a midlife crisis album as is humanly feasible.
  10. The titles are far too on-the-nose for it to be real. Someone made this and thought 'hey, he recorded in Brazil, so let's call a song Peru and Brasil'. Ed wouldn't choose titles that're so obvious. It looks like a white saviour album. Santa Teresa seems like some sort of pun, given the current UK prime minister.
  11. Sit in the back while no one drives
  12. The guy in the Karma Police video was incinerated in a car-fire.
  13. I like Identikit, but I never listen to it.
  14. Bach was known for being thin-skinned and unable to accept criticism; he was like a proto-feminist.
  15. Nirvana would have split up by 1995.
  16. I guess we all have a different metric as to what constitutes diversity within a band's sound.
  17. Perhaps you'd all be happier if Thom got a computer to sing it, that way it would be perfect and you could all sleep at night.
  18. Looks like your copy and paste function is working.
  19. Identikit is one of their most interesting songs, but I agree that the finished article isn't as strong as it could have been, especially given the original live arrangement. I always felt (and still feel) the same way about Videotape; an interesting song rendered bland in the studio.
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