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  1. Time that we faced facts. There is no more Atease Im the Illuminati and this is my Dream Theatre
  2. And you were a tattletale at school weren’t ya?
  3. My minions, my minions I do declare, there is no law in this land. I am the law and the law says you are FREE!
  4. Honestly, what does anybody need to happen. Some unreleased material? They could release I froze up along with bad versions of optimistic and true love waits anytime. An anniversary reissue isn't necessary for what people are actually looking for.
  5. I’ve got no more reasons I’ve left them all behind -Thommino
  6. It’s official Thom hates Ed
  7. Radiohead is actually a charity organization.
  8. And you come by this information how? Are you...the Cabinet Ministers wife?
  9. Grass is green at the edge of a bubble Beautiful kids into beautiful trouble
  10. Wish you’d get off your Duff and pay heed to more deep cut obscure rh classics! I Duff declare! Duff said! Period! Full Duff!
  11. Pasha again! Low corporate! Drinking too much of that Duff beer! The smell of fear is thicker than you think.
  12. Pssshyaah!! 🎶 interstate 5 running straight down the middle 🎶 what kinda dorks are you guys?
  13. Ain’t no rock bottom like comparing penis size in tent city
  14. When I originally found these photos it was part of what seemed to be some intendedly serious art/study exhibit with headings and footnotes written in broken english that read like memes Fab would post. Wish I could still find them. sort of like ..."it time we humans beings learn to know the truth that all this phenonomon is part and parcel from the reptilians sexual activities. Let us continue talk with the lessons" and then BOWOWOWWANNNG what the fuck am I looking at?!
  15. 😭And I would’ve sucked your dick to be the next atease celebrity! This was my CHANCE. My MOMENT. YOULL see. You’ll ALL see!😭
  16. Not sure it ever hit me this way before but Colin looks like he’s actually having a full on manic depressive meltdown internally and covering it as best he can. It’s a state I’m prone to recognize. It’s definitely beyond annoyance. Something was up.
  17. She had some kind of narrative going on about how Thom crushed on her in a random encounter in a coffee shop and proceeded to write breakup songs and love songs that were inspired subsequently by him having witnessed her. It was a long saga of posting and being trolled that led to an emotionally confusing row when she passed and her son could not stop posting in his grief. That part was truly sad and ugly. Ash did an Ash post and I remember freaking out at him and probably got mod reported. It turned me off of this place until recently as you’ve probably noticed. So if you guys want me to
  18. “Authorities conclude that the man wasn’t there, and it wasn’t happening “
  19. I’ll buy it when my stim check comes in😁 till then I’ll have to make my own fun
  20. Yes!! That fool knows how to put on a clinic😄
  21. Oh my god. I can’t believe this is a real thing! It says not just Los Lobos but Jermaine Jackson was also “called in”. Also “ No, the album title has nothing to do with Trump”😂 Sucks he had to say that. No wonder they didn’t do a Kid A reissue.
  22. “So it’s safe to say that the album does qualify as a bass odyssey , right?”
  23. You mean the one where he’s snarky with the interviewer who’s kinda dopey and Ed looks at him like “how could you”? Yeah, that was some butt-hurt.
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