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  1. *snap*snap* Thank You, Thank You. Beautiful and thought provoking
  2. *snap*snap*snap* 😪That was Glitchd, everyone. Thank you, Glitchd. That was beautiful and thought provoking...mmkay next up fer todays SLAM poetry open mic...we have truelove
  3. I'll say this much, they could stand to be a little more proactive in quelling the rumors and expectations that swarm around them. Would not have been hard for someone to go "hey, um nobody is doing jack-shit on this right now so...fahget aBOUT it, mkay"
  4. All the money they spent on that therapist and they could of cut right past it with a couple direct questions "what is it that you guys do that works and what is it about those things that you still connect to?" The day a band can't answer that its time to move on
  5. Their opportunity to do their 'some kind of monster' came and went during In Rainbows.
  6. He twists the nipples of his pedal board so sensually and as though he were searching within a stoic spiritual sojourn mama look. At. That. mahin tsssssssssssssssssss
  7. Honorary nomination of Pynchon who would write Cheiftan Mews in as a real archetypal character within the 2000 page saga also starring Thumb Yolk, Sunny and Coven Greensleeves, Ped 'O Braen, Phil Selway and Neval Cockrich.
  8. Gotta be either Colin, Ed or Nigel (listed in order of assumed likelihood) If I knew how to make a poll I woulda
  9. Love Ed btw. Band members like him are hard to find. Priceless. Ed is like the equivalent of the utility player on a sports team. Doesn't need the ball or the stats but will fill in all the holes and loves the team, loves the game and knows exactly how lucky he is. People like Ed are the stuff dreams are truly made of.
  10. Respect dat, but what is it in essence? Kid A is a diff beast than OKC. OKC had promising (though underwhelming)artwork. Kid A had an excess of clashing art content and what was left off has often appeared in the bands web/merch/packaging reused again and again. Material that was left off is probably not great and could be put out as a data dump rather than a commercial product. Things I would be interested in: Any evidence to support my theory that pack like sardines started out as electro version of follow me around Diff versions of optimistic( like the full version of the out
  11. Time that we faced facts. There is no more Atease Im the Illuminati and this is my Dream Theatre
  12. And you were a tattletale at school weren’t ya?
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