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    Ill Wind getting single release

    I way preferred Moon Shaped Pool to King Of Limbs. TKOL was probably their first album I've struggled to get into and I've loved hem right from the start.
  2. AusMakka

    Ill Wind getting single release

    I like Ill Wind. I like the chord structures in the middle and end of the song. Interesting and tense.
  3. AusMakka

    Who is your new Radiohead?

    I've really been enjoying Manchester Orchestra, especially their Black Mile To The Surface album. But still love me Radiohead.
  4. AusMakka

    Ill Wind getting single release

    So much for Spotify to notify this has just come out! Thanks for the heads up Chernobyl2!
  5. AusMakka


    Although Thom's voice live in my opinion can be pretty average, musically they still sound great live and they now have a huge repertoire of music to play. I still prefer Radiohead music to Thom's music but that's my own tastes. But would love to see what they can come up with in the studio on their next outing.
  6. AusMakka


    Yeah, kind of hoping they'd put up some of these!