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  1. Yeah hard to give a shit or feel bad for the band about getting hacked when you put it this way. That OKC cassette was a real wasted opportunity.
  2. Yeah this. It's probably even more insane with the Kid A tracks given all of the experimentation going on.
  3. I don't particularly care about unreleased demos of new songs but I definitely want to hear paths not taken on the Kid A/Amnesiac tracks.
  4. This. This actually matches up pretty closely with the aforementioned rumors posted on 4chan/in Discord. Stuff about this being an LP but not an LP and coming out before Thom's album. Best case scenario? A livecast From the Basement type thing with an announced accompanying EP of tracks recorded during 2017 /2018. That said, I would bet on this being something Thom-related. Probably an LP3 promo involving Tarik Barri's visuals, given how much Thom has talked about them being important to the album/music.
  5. This all actually reminds me of my most treasured Radiohead (and music) experience. When I was a kid I downloaded Kid A off of Napster or Kazaa or something and burned it to a disc. It was some extremely shitty, low bitrate, lossy version of the album. Like truly atrocious quality. I spent the next 1-2 years listening to that, trying to wrap my head around it and understand it as a piece of music. I kind of just took the quality for what it was given all of the discussion around it being electronic, avant-garde, experimental. Grew to love the album. Some time later I bought the CD and hearing the album as it was meant to be heard blew my mind. Kind of like seeing black and white your whole life and all of the sudden seeing color. Still my favorite album to this day.
  6. 100 percent agree with that sentiment. If I could go back to that ignorance and rediscover everything again I totally would. The mystery back then was so good. Byzantine ziggurat etc.
  7. I think there are totally new fans. See: reddit. It’s truly wild to read a bunch of dudes discovering the Amnesiac b-sides for the first time... or who have no idea what the memory hole was. No fight with you. I think the only person I have been truly mean to is Weezer guy and that is because he is 1) trolling with off topic crap and 2) retreading the same tired bullshit arguments about tapers and hoarders that this board has been having since at least the 2006 tour.
  8. Naw. Younger. Tbh been a fan since I watched Canal+ concert on I think MTV2. Been on atease since HTTT.
  9. You literally decided to be an unprovoked dick to me just yesterday about some slang/grammar issue. Don’t go waxing poetic about the old guard.
  10. Listen, dork, let me be very clear: I don't give a fuck what the hoarders have, don't have, release, or don't release. I don't give a fuck about some show from x years ago that I haven't been to and have a decent YouTube version of anyways, or about some sloppy jam from a soundcheck that we will get a full release of from the band some day if the song actually has any merit, or even about these OKC demos, to be honest. None of it is actually as good as the anticipation surrounding its existence/release anyways. And because I truly don't give a fuck, hoserama can do whatever he wants with the material he records. I actually get more pleasure out of seeing you whine and squirm and impotently "bully" hoarders than actually listening to any of these things.
  11. Everybody is just out to fuck hoserama this week huh?
  12. *Complains about hoarders contributing nothing to community* *Two off-topic shitposts about some Bob Dylan show from 1975*
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