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  1. Sounds good. Thanks for posting it. No reason to be sorry. You should feel proud.
  2. Zane you played on this album we all know you did and that's why you are pushing it.
  3. If you guys ever come to Portland Maine you have a place to stay.
  4. Remember when Ramshakle put in a bomb threat and crashed the board. Yeah glad I never went that crazy. Also, Nigel used to post here too. Are we good friends? Like we have stories. The worst thing I did was post gay porn on here.
  5. I’m tall too my sport is hockey my French friend.
  6. booger bear


    Fabri too sorry for not mentioning my Italian friend. If you guys ever come to Maine you have a place to stay.
  7. booger bear


    You know why I like atease? Cuz I can go off the cuff and some of you still love me. Baba, Zane and Ash I love you guys like you were friends in real life.
  8. booger bear


    I believe she is dead.
  9. booger bear


    Ash and I had sex guess who was top and bottom
  10. Fabri, I noticed that you like basketball. Are you tall? Do you play still? I play hockey. Defense. I have scars from taking pucks to the face protecting the keep.
  11. Zane, if you ever need a yankee bass player I am your man. Though there are better I am still booger bear.
  12. booger bear


    Are you still a beautiful bastard. Do you remember that we are the oldest members on Radiohead message boards. I have gone through different user names but you are always Ash. Do it for the monkey! I remember you from followmearound to green plastic to atease. You are a good person. Love you Ash. If we ever meet in person I will buy you a drink and hug you. Love my Ash. We’ve known each other for over 20 years now.
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