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  1. Hey bababoey and thatthere. Thank you so much. Please accept this Pavement song from me. You guys are friends that I met on a Radiohead message board and I am sure that we would be friends outside of this board.
  2. My best friend just killed himself with a fucking 45 temple to temple. I am not okay.
  3. Zane that is what happens when people like me and Thom make music but I can read Alto Sax and Bass Guitar. Though I am not an amazing musician like you are but I mean that you are a great musician and I am glad to know you.
  4. Getting fucked to I Might Be Wrong is good fucking.
  5. It’s a b-side album with a-sides. Cuz they are Radiohead. Kid A is THE album but Amnesiac has some of THE SONGS. Get over it.
  6. If Radiohead go Japanese metal for their final album I would be so happy. They already did their grandpa rock with AMSP. Gotta go rock. Destroy your voice Thom. Stop singing like a seventh grader who got hit in the nuts with a fucking american football. Scream you queen!
  7. You can look up two of my songs on online. I wrote a song called a salamander saved my life for Thom.
  8. We called our drummer squish. He owned this song. I was the only white dude in the band.
  9. A Japanese girl was my first lay in hs we played at their Saturday school. Yes it is a thing in the USA.
  10. I think Jonny said he liked that heavy metal band from Japan. Check out x Japan I played bass with my Japanese band in hs.
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