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  1. I'd rather have a physical copy ala OKNOTOK than for them to release it via the library. Though if they did both that would be nice too.
  2. Ed's got it. WHO said that they think the first signs of the virus are a loss of sense of smell and taste. I joked with my co-workers that we should bring garlic bread on our trouble breathing runs and ask them if they can smell and taste it. If they can't they got it. Ed confirms it. He said he lost his taste and smell first.
  3. That ranking is shit. Putting Just at second to last?
  4. Ash what do you like on your pizza? I like bacon, jalapeno and pineapple. The sweet, salty and spicy. The perfect mix
  5. Yeah not going to click on a link with an account that only has two posts.
  6. 12! And my mom is awesome.
  7. Fun fact: about my username; my mom called me her Booger Bear. I have four daughters and have nicknames for them all. I call my youngest Clara Booger Bear too. I also have a pug named Bowie hence my avatar. Next pug we get will be named Polly after PJ Harvey.
  8. Ash you and I have been on Radiohead Message Boards the longest out of anyone here. When was your first show?
  9. I approve of anything Bowie. If you can't tell by my avatar. I even named my pug Bowie. I like him more than Radiohead. David Bowie is my favorite male artist. PJ Harvey is my favorite female artist. Radiohead is my favorite band.
  10. To be fair my first show when I saw them I was 13. I'm 37 now fuck me.
  11. If I can ask you a direct question, Ashley. What is your favorite Radiohead song? Mine is Reckoner.
  12. It's funny but Ash and I are the oldest Radiohead message board users. In terms of fans and how long we've been on Radiohead message boards. I love you Ash! I've never met you and don't want to but I imagine you on a golden stallion with a sword. No one messes with my Ashley. We've been through so much.
  13. And it wouldn't be worth it for two seconds of sound. However I am interested in what I own. I hope it's Present Tense. When I earn more money (never going to happen because the government pays shit) I will pay someone to let me know what I have. Actually, I will ask my wife if it can be one of my Christmas gifts. I have no idea how much it would be. Still, it looks like a Kid Amnesiac re-issue boys and girls omg. Think of the sounds we get to hear later this year. I will bet you ten USA dollars that Follow Me Around will be on that re-issue. We love this band!
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