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  1. He did indeed! I still think it's badly produced though.
  2. Atease has known it's a troll account that was created from a basement dweller for a long time however....that doesn't mean we can't fuck with Reddit...oh wait is Boogerbear behind the account
  3. "running from the bombers" Yeah I don't know how I missed it. Thanks!
  4. Review Ed's diary during the Kid/Amnesiac sessions and let me know what you are most excited for. Bombers has to be Go to Sleep right? C minor song is worrywart? He never mentions their attempts at Nude but he does with True Love Waits. I bet I Froze Up would be a release extra c-side like Lift, I Promise and Big Boots. There has to be a ton of stuff that we don't know about that wasn't mentioned in the diary. Obviously Innocent Civilians was a joke but we could fuck with Reddit on that one.
  5. You have to wonder, if they do this they have to include Amnesiac since they were from the same sessions. That also includes the possibility that they could wait a year from now since Amnesiac was released in June the following year. But nah Kid A was their number one US and UK chart album. I really, really hope they do this. If I just get this and one more new album I will be a satisfied fan for the remainder of my years. The photo of Coz in the archive has me to believe that it will indeed happen and what better person than him to do so. Please Colin make this happen!!! I wonder if they have that too poppy version of Optimistic recorded as was mentioned. I need this! Edit: Also, if they included the Kid A non-vocal effect on this it would be nice. Like the live version. Please, Coz.
  6. I'm starting to think evil things about you. Like what kind of ice cream you might like.
  7. Kid A is my favorite album ever. I swear to god they better give it treatment like they did for OK Computer. To think that we are less than a half a year from this happening. I want to shake little baby Thom and swear to me that they will do this. I will feed you Cap'n Crunch everyday even after the top of your mouth bleeds til almost death unless you give me a special addition of Kid A ala OKNOTOK god damn it you beautiful bastard. I would fuck a hobo that has a wonky eye just like you and throw $100 cash in his face as a long as I get this. Please.
  8. At the time it was released it was a let down however I really enjoy it now and I'm glad they have this kind of album in their discography. It would be a really solid album if they removed Sit Down Stand Up, We Suck Young Blood and Punch Up at a Wedding. It could have been recorded better too. Too bad they rushed it. Could have been up their in the holy trinity (though I consider ASMP as a classic album with KA, OKC and IR). I need to bring this puppy out again and give it a spin. The vinyl sounds better imo. I have it and can dropbox it if anyone is interested.
  9. You, Creep, Stop Whispering, Thinking About You, Anyone Can Play the Guitar, I Can't, Lurgee, and Blow Out are all good songs imo. Is it true that Thinking About You is about Bjork?
  10. I like it too but it certainly is one of the worse songs after Pablo Honey.
  11. Does anyone remember how long it was from when they announced OKNOTOK to when it was released? Recent interviews have me thinking it might not happen.
  12. Indeed. I wish it was archived.
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