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  1. Those were the days! Who remembers the user "policeman? His posts were hilarious. I think they went through several google translates. The word "fan" was always "ventilators".
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00087fh
  3. So when is the Netflix thing up? Tried an hour ago.
  4. http://atease.radioheadnews.com/topic/293-thom-yorke-anima/?do=findComment&comment=11391
  5. Thom "OH. MY. GOD. We generated SO much work"
  6. playing high and dry now.
  7. they have been going through tons of old stuff
  8. Nice interview video and audio on itunes beats 1
  9. If Dawn chorus is open the floodgates, it is likely a bleepy boop version. Don't get me wrong, I like my bleepy bloops but they have their place. I mean pulled apart by horses was ruined - lost all its mental / metal power and ended up lame because of bleepy bloops.
  10. https://www.nme.com/blogs/radioheads-ok-computer-demos-reveal-makings-masterpiece-2507481
  11. Hey everyone, I'll be talking about the leaked Radiohead Minidiscs on 3VOOR12 Radio on 3FM tonight. We've got a full hour, so I would love to know what your best finds are. Surprisingly brilliant early versions, demos or unreleased songs from those 18 discs. Anything goes. Tell me about your favourite new found gems. Thanks! From atease Facebook.
  12. Would be good to have a sort of Evolution of a song with early version followed by the next version and so on.
  13. How does one get the split files into itunes on a mac?
  14. Its like the fucking circus or benefit of mr Kite or something.
  15. Yeah, this and LIAGH on disc 9 at about 35 mins are the weirdest things so far. love them!
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