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  1. yeah it's hilarious. why aren't you tearing it up in genchat right now?
  2. general comments about other people posts are 10 times worse. you've been given a 6 week ban. please come back when you've lifted your game and are slightly less boring.
  3. holy moly! this won't matter to most causal listeners.... but for any guitarist who's ever tried to play along with "No Surprises" , you'll notice that the pitch is slightly flat. I've always assumed that they slowed down the final recording, just for the "feel". no dramas. but I've just got to disc 15 and there's a version in the key of E! it's clearly the key that it was recorded in. Thom's vibrato is bang on. capo 2nd fret kiddo's!
  4. minor correction to the original timestamp notes: Karma Police - Final Version (15-2) Final Version no it f'kin aint! the last 30 seconds, there's far less processing (aka delay / reverb) to that string/keyboard 2 note refrain that goes F#, D. newbs
  5. so the lossless version from bandcamp is a transcode?
  6. the only difference I'm hearing between the 15 and the second 16 versions is that the channels have been reversed.
  7. the most interesting thing about that is that the hook of the song (Airbag), the opening riff.... was written at the very last minute. it’s absent from all demo / rehearsal versions.
  8. none of the 17 hours and 16 minutes of leaked Minidisc material has been mastered.
  9. the song on Disc 3 - "Unreleased Thom solo (Acoustic) 3-1 (Maybe this is love…) (3-12)" @ 30:11, that very much sounds like a working version of Lucky - most likely recorded in 1995. vocally it's nothing like it, but there are some chord progressions that are the same as Lucky. wouldn't be surprised if some of these acoustic demo's are several years old (prior to 1996)
  10. found this as well. waiting for the download to finish but it looks promising: *edit - works
  11. would anyone in possession care to upload it?
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