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  1. need to save all of the memes and make an atease coffee table book
  2. does anyone have the old tkol listening experience meme
  3. we will never forget the bots until they come back in like a month Booger4mod2020
  4. yeah but imagine having the memento or romeo+juliet cd still
  5. also being added is 33.3 recurring and the nellee hooper mix of talk show host
  6. they advanced enough to have their own avatars
  7. also I'll never get over the version of You from MTV's most wanted, so so so good. too bad this didn't have the crazy little thing called love cover would've liked to hear that in full
  8. for sure the old webcasts! They fixed thumbs down btw, used to play too slow
  9. imagine being radiohead and releasing the oknotok version of lift
  10. god dammit another one started posting i’m holding my feral keychain tight in anticipation for adriaan to come save the day
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