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  1. my first shih tzu was named cosmo
  2. 2003 music good i always liked iT And loved when people complained about the length(then we got a 36 minute album in 2011 great job guys) like bitch just delete the songs who gives a fuck about the artists intention i miss when thom could sing n dressed normal
  3. imagine how old atease would’ve handled the minidisc leak
  4. wait im confused!!! bug off or get the bug??? what do i do with the bugs
  5. did u see meadow's roommates Elliott smith t shirt
  6. going back to last year when anima came out, here's that zane lowe clip where thom talks about it briefly https://streamable.com/93g7x7 im a knows picker, I pick my own knows
  7. on ed’s ama he responds to a question abt his comments on the kid a amnesiac 20th release (and abt minidisc lift)
  8. ed's not a radiohead fan he's an eob fan
  9. https://www.nme.com/news/music/radiohead-are-having-online-meetings-and-discussing-celebrating-20-years-of-kid-a-2646507 this adds
  10. https://www.nme.com/music-interviews/ed-obrien-radiohead-eob-earth-interview-2020-kid-amnesiac-2643388
  11. https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/fzmngi/discussion_people_who_think_the_king_of_limbs_is/fn54kdf/ oh man
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