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  1. Ed has said they could release a box set of material from the Kid A era.
  2. My best memory of that era was making the choice to buy a ticket to Spain and 3 tickets to the 3 shows in Salamanca
  3. There was talk of this being a double album from what I remember. I hope the mini disk leak shows them there is a market for the unreleased stuff. Ed even said years ago that kida could be a box set of unreleased material. We want it all. It’s history, and while you might not think it’s great, it’s fucking amazing to hear this stuff.
  4. I know I’m old. But yeah, it’s like someone on Reddit randomly discovers an image of Radiohead in 1992 and posts it like Howard carter finding king tuts tomb. And everyone is amazed that they never saw said random image from some fan mag in 1993. That’s like 3rd image down on any google search.
  5. In the early 2000s there was a girl that almost got on stage with a backpack full of rocks that she wanted to give Thom. So I know there is a really sick group of people out there and I feel reddit gives them a voice.
  6. From what I’ve seen personally and from what I’ve read, Radiohead were always very serious about their work. They were always very serious about their live performances. Even in the 90s, there was much said about oasis coming on stage drunk and doing half ass shows. I know the band wasn’t not about to go on stage perform half assed like that. But after the shows, the wine, liquor and weed would flow. With Radiohead treating their sound checks as time to work in full band arrangements of newer material, I don’t think they gave themselves the free time to get fucked up before a show. Most
  7. Stuff dive heard or seen over the years from being around the band. Or interviews Thom is a heavy drinker. Weed, mushrooms, Ed turns down coke. Ed takes a joint from a fan.
  8. See that’s the old school atease right there.
  9. When does Netflix update at midnight ?
  10. Release it all. We will pay for whatever and everything. Don’t make our grandchildren have access to this stuff long after we are dead and your estate 90 years from now releases it all. Please just make it accessible.
  11. Honestly, while I never even tried to go into the deep end that was gen chat. Atease has a lot of history of crazy inside jokes, alt login name game, and certain circles that were just complete assholes to anyone on purpose. While I can’t get upset for reddit for having it’s own community and its own thing, I can’t just ask that they fucking use GOOGLE before creating random content online. I can skim past past the normal teenage over emotional weirdness that we all had and forgive it. I can’t forgive not fucking knowing basic information or shit that is clearly public information
  12. if someone could PM me a link, if not Ill just wait 2 days.
  13. FMA needs a release like Lift. Clean up a studio attempt and throw it to the wolves.
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