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  1. Robjonas

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    I read some where, maybe Ed said that Thoms raw demos sounds like Neil Young songs. So could just be a code for track 9 of something.
  2. Robjonas


    How is a two day only sale of something a cash grab ? Christ they are sitting on volumes of unreleased material, alt versions and live footage, all of which would generate a lot more money than some random 2 day t shirt sale.
  3. Robjonas


    Huh. What the hell. I thought I made some strange content.
  4. Robjonas

    Best of r/radiohead

    Well we got yelled at for talking about AMSP and TKOL in the other thread. Cause those are old albums.
  5. Robjonas

    Best of r/radiohead

    When I look at reddit. I try to imagine 13-14 old me discovering the Beatles through my mom incomplete record collection. So I’d be at a record store going what is this album. But that was like 1989 and we didn’t have the fucking internet and google.
  6. Robjonas

    Austin City Limits 2016

    But the issue is tickets and fans not paying 5k a ticket to see them in a theatre. I think they are very aware of what Happened on that 1st leg of AMSP tour.
  7. Robjonas

    Austin City Limits 2016

    Honestly I don’t think we will have any idea of anything related to LP10 for a Long ass time. I think the only news is the idea that they are not done with Radiohead. Ed releasing his album in the later half of the year and talking about touring pushes anything of a full band project into 2021. Thom has gotten worse with finishing any kind of project. And who knows how long his solo project will be floating out there. The thing is radiohead as a whole has done the right things financially that they are independently wealthy and aren’t really gonna need to do anything else and live out their lives in comfort. I would expect some sort of release of kidA. Would not expect them to tour without new material. Can’t see them doing some vintage tour setlist like other acts. Also can’t see them road testing new material like 2006 or 2002. I think they are just too big now to go back to smaller venues and they found that out the hard way at the start of the AMSP touring cycle. So yeah debating their past releases and how they have aged is kinda all we have for the foreseeable future. Well we have reddit to watch and keep us entertained as they empale themselves with memes.
  8. Robjonas

    Austin City Limits 2016

    Just my uneducated crappy opinion. OKC, KidA/Amnesiac (yes Im looping them together), InRainbowsare the trinity of Radioheads work. All took a lot of time, road testing for 2 of them, and most likely almost killed the band. With HTTT and TKOL, you see the results of lets just get this done style of recording and song writing, which is why those albums seem to be so polarizing to the overall fanbase. TKOL is my least favorite Radiohead album that includes PH. But my feelings on PH is from a 17 year old in 1993 that saw the band live before owning the album. AMSP, is what it is. It is the album that the band that made OKC would make 20 years later. Older, more money, less angry dealing with white guy middle age problems. I think he album is beautiful but has its flaws and its high points. It is not perfect but it is not horrible. I think it was Henry Rollins talking about how bands have to chill out in their 40s and can't be their anger driven 20/30s anymore. It just doesn't work and I think Radiohead(Thom) was drawing on his very personal issues and created this album from a very dark place, but also a very comfortable place. I feel AMSP is a Radiohead album, that was clearly finished by Thom and Nigel and had very little band input after the sessions in France. Going back to the point about From Basement vs Record. Ive always felt that Radiohead had this split personality, they could create wonderful and challenging works in the studio, but also had the ability to arrange those tracks into something that could be played live. The Beatles never even tried this. When fans trash PH, I say watch the Astoria show on youtube, same for me, while I have never listened to TKOL after its was out, I can still appreciate the From the Basement for some of the songs. TKOL tour was least favorite tour cause I didn't connect to the material they out on record, but I still enjoyed some of the live arrangements better, even though I view them as completely different arrangements.
  9. Robjonas

    Austin City Limits 2016

    The TKOL tour was my least fav tour other than that the band seemed very happy on stage. Pre Toronto. Magpie is the only song better live than recorded. And Bloom on the last tour was a time to go to the bathroom or get a beer. Sorry Bloom lovers. Just should not have been an every night staple.
  10. Robjonas

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    I would guess he might be talking about their business as a band, how to handle live material recorded in the past three years or talking about an upcoming Kida, oknotok type release. All of which would require their attention and input.
  11. Robjonas

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Nah New Jersey.
  12. Robjonas

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    I rather enjoyed it. Well what I listened to so far. Didn’t really notice any blanted fuck up on kida. But again that’s jazz, easier to hide little bits and pieces. What I liked was the familiarness to the music but than again not knowing what was coming next from the arrangement. Overall very well done and great music to have playing while reading a book. I would love to see this live over a couple cocktails.
  13. Robjonas

    Best of r/radiohead

    I think Reddit users use Reddit instead of google. I’m just shocked at the kind of questions and comments made there.
  14. Robjonas

    Ill Wind getting single release

    What I’m saying is, I think ill wind sounds unflinished. Much like how I think the songs that appeared on AMSP sounded like when they were done recording in France. We know nigel and thom finished this album and the input the from the rest of the band is kinda unknown. Since thom tweeted at Jonny that the album wasn’t done it kinda shows the disconnect from some the of members to the final process. Ill wind unlike some other bsides sounds like the rest of the album. Just doesn’t have the production that the album seems to have over top of it.
  15. Robjonas

    Ill Wind getting single release

    I think ill wind is what much of AMSP sounded like before Nigel and thom added the layers to the songs on the album after the band was out of the studio. I think ill wind wind would be perfect on the album If the songs were as stripped back as it is. There is is a lot we don’t know and may never know about what went down during those sessions and after and in between. I think we are just lucky they didn’t formally break up over the personal tensions and material they were working with.