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  1. Yes, that clearly indicates that something is about to come out imminently...
  2. July 19th, not on stores though i believe
  3. Very positive as a matter of fact
  4. That's actually what happened
  5. Should I ask you though?
  6. Good points. Strings, yes but not an entire song, and as I said, if they did its not the exact version. But OK... I'm done with this topic for today.
  7. Of course that never happened... Yes, I agree with that, but Radiohead is not a band (and you should know this by now) to take an old song from their catalogue and re-record it all over again with the exact arrangement, same riffs from the 90s, same distortion pedal... They evolved since then m8, come on.. On the other hand, why would they even shelf it for so long if the arrangement was fine in the first place? A lot of Bond movies were filmed since the 90s, they were obviously never satisfied with the arrangement or whatever... My assumptions are 1. They recorded a different version we never heard of 2. MoW was never recorded for that particular 2015 session (which makes sense to me, and that "source" claiming they did is bullshitting hard)
  8. You guys are nuts.... They recorded OK COMPUTER and the whole pack of B-Side for OKNOTOK all over again for that matter... I mean, why not? Lol
  9. You think the band will record the same exact song all over again 20 years later (with the same arrangements from back then)? You guys don't know this band already? What's the point on releasing new recorded material when you already have it recorded the EXACT same way and putting it on a 20 anniversary album box set? Again, for me they just added the strings to an old take they already had.
  10. And what do you think Duff?
  11. I'm listening to Man Of War right now, and that's Thom from the 90s singing...
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