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  1. I was able to find it pretty easily by Googling "Thom Yorke Anima MP4." (Though I actually got an MKV file.)
  2. Where might one watch the ANIMA video if he doesn't have Netflix?
  3. I just bought myself 80 dollars worth of bleeps and bloops.
  4. Anyone know the all time sales record for Bandcamp? I can't really think of a big album that has been a Bandcamp exclusive.
  5. They would have changed the name to Heinous Wind.
  6. "I Want None Of This" is on Tidal. Maybe Thom is one of those artist-investors?
  7. There are still some active links on Reddit.
  8. So I see this is available from Boomkat and 7digital now. Has it been remastered or anything? I already have the CD, so I don't see a reason to buy it again for 2 extra tracks that I already have.
  9. "You should listen to Creep, it’s a really good song that showcases the bands full potential"
  10. I remember hearing the album announcement on Valentines Day, being with my girlfriend at the time and just not giving shit about her at that point. All I could think about was new Radiohead. I remember Ed being ambiguous about when it was going to be released, and I think the 18th release was a day early? Anyway, I had pre-ordered the Deluxe Newspaper Edition but downloaded the mp3s for the night. I purposely didn't listen to the record for the whole day because I wanted to make an event of it. We go round my friends house (just the massive Radioheaders) and have some beers and a few joints and go up into is room, which was the chillest room (just one of those rooms with a nice pentagonal shape and orange lighting. We put the first tune on, and hear the piano sample creeping in. Jesus christ. Words cannot describe our excitement. I remember hugging one of my friends straight away saying "this is the best thing I'm ever going to here" and it was only the first 30 seconds of Bloom. It was a truly cathartic experience. At one point, 2 of us had to leave the room during Codex and Give up the Ghost because it was just too much! (I kid you not). I truly think The King of Limbs is some of their finest work.
  11. We already have a meme that matters and its Spectre.
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