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  1. Not surprising at all, Thom and Nigel are probably assholes to waitstaff
  2. Phil Selway isn't mad at you guys, just dreadfully disappointed in you.
  3. You guys, keep going, I’m almost there.....
  4. ok guys, post the penises and be done with it. @Radiohead333 is willing to judge
  5. Devilhood, can you save live BTW from itself?
  6. why can't we all just ... get along?
  7. I’m glad you could get DIBH technique myth! (I’m a radonc)
  8. the words are comin out all weird where are you now when I need you
  9. "dancing round the pit. the darkness is beneath"
  10. It didn’t actually happen tho...
  11. That’s beautiful. Did you by any chance ask therapists to have Radiohead on during your RT?
  12. Where has orly gone tho? Where’s the next cash grab with some TKOL/AMSP rendies?
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