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  1. Bacon

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    http://x-l-r.co/illwind It's just the single. Out tomorrow.
  2. Bacon

    Best of r/radiohead

    I'd love to see Michael Stipe and Bono/The Edge do something to honor them since they had such a heavy influence on Thom and the band. Those others? *barf*
  3. Bacon

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    Not sure why they'd release it now, but I'm not complaining in the slightest. The track rules.
  4. Bacon


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvgGiJVM9I0 ~9:50 Thom makes it explicitly clear that there's no doubt Radiohead will make LP10.
  5. Bacon

    Colin Digging Through Bends Session Tapes?!

    Someone said on Reddit that Interstate 5 is another title for Maquiladora.
  6. You can not care and still go. Jonny did that at the Oscars this year because PTA convinced him to. I wouldn't be surprised if Stipe inducting them is a pre-requisite for their appearance. And if it means we get Stipe and RH performing a song together on TV, I'm down for that. That being said, I agree with the band.
  7. Will they actually be there, though? Can't wait for all the rumors that they're going to call it quits after their inducted like REM even though Thom said Radiohead would be touring again soon after 2019.
  8. Bacon

    Best of r/radiohead

  9. Bacon

    Youtube Radiohead reactions

    Warren Lain's an intelligent dude. He knows his music theory and he's one of the best in the tutorial business when it comes to Radiohead. His "reaction" videos you despise so much were just something he was doing to get his fiance into Radiohead before they went to see them live. He didn't want her to go and take a ticket without listening to their music, and he figured it'd be something cool to record. No need to be so hostile about it. He actually produces helpful content especially compared to people who literally just record themselves smiling to a song.
  10. Bacon

    Youtube Radiohead reactions

    1. His name isn't Chris Warren and he doesn't really do "reaction" videos. 2. You seem like you'd be fun at parties.
  11. Bacon

    Youtube Radiohead reactions

    As much as I don't particularly enjoy the swarm and overpopulation of YouTube reactions, DCcookster just has a face that warms my heart when he listens to the music (especially RH's). The guy looks like he's gone through a bit of trouble and seems like the music/channel is helping him get his bearings. I've been there too, so seeing something similar is cool. Most other channel reactions are boring usually.
  12. Bacon


    What he fails to mention is which information is inaccurate (just saying "all of it" doesn't sound right) and then he says that the sources are unreliable when a majority of the sources on the article are literally interviews with band members. Nigel doesn't really have a reason to put out hostility like that when the page is made up of quotes about stuff he and the band have provided. If he's implying that the quotes are inaccurate, that's a pretty hefty claim and he needs to tweet about specifics rather than just taking out some morning anger on a site of people conglomerating information usually for the best of their respective communities with very little to no malicious intent behind it. In the current political world we live in, saying Wikipedia is one of the "worst things about the modern age" is about as ignorant and ridiculous a statement one could ever muster.
  13. Bacon


    Yeah I know. nkased is just making it seem like RH has a specific trick up their sleeve they're about to pull.
  14. Bacon


    So we're not getting anything soon from the boys, right?
  15. Bacon


    None from my knowledge. Didn't know you talked to Ed. So there's no indication of when it will be? Everyone here was thinking RH was done after 2018 but the band has taken every opportunity they can to emphasize they're going to keep on doing their thing, so good to hear Ed corroborate that.