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  1. Bacon

    Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    Several people also have it on Instagram. Waiting patiently for L&G.
  2. Bacon

    Best of r/radiohead

    I know people irl who are real fans with that opinion. I disagree with them but there are actual fans not on r/radiohead that say that kind of thing
  3. Bacon

    Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    Is it even out?
  4. Bacon

    Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    25 mins from now
  5. Bacon

    Dawn Chorus Is . . .

    It honestly still could have been that. Knowing them, they could have morphed it into something else entirely.
  6. Bacon

    Dawn Chorus Is . . .

    This is correct
  7. Bacon

    Dawn Chorus Is . . .

    Yeah, I get why some people aren't digging this but I am not one of those people
  8. Bacon

    What are your highlights of the leak?

    Including the MPS from MD114 when both of the ones on MD112 are superior in every way? wtf
  9. Bacon

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    It's funny to see Thom and Jonny be like "it's not very interesting" and then Thom puts out the Suspiria Unreleased Material on streaming services.
  10. Bacon

    New Music Video Incoming?

    It was on RadioHub. His vocals on Nose Grows Some especially are fantastic.
  11. Bacon

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    So like...legitimately...why was the version of Lift on here not the one they put on OKNOTOK?
  12. Bacon

    New Music Video Incoming?

    His vocals on the St. Louis show/recording are better than several of the studio recordings imo
  13. Bacon

    New Music Video Incoming?

    Pretty sure the music video is Thom-LP3 related. And I'm so happy that we're finally getting something
  14. Bacon

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Anyone able to pm me? I missed all this while on vacation
  15. Bacon


    Wait, who does booger think I am? lmao I want to know I recently joined the site, I was never on the old AtEase, and I have done nothing to appear "trolling" other than your perception of this one time I post. Literally very time I think he keeps getting more ridiculous, he tops it.