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  1. Bacon


    Wait, who does booger think I am? lmao I want to know I recently joined the site, I was never on the old AtEase, and I have done nothing to appear "trolling" other than your perception of this one time I post. Literally very time I think he keeps getting more ridiculous, he tops it.
  2. Bacon


    You really keep digging yourself into a hole, don't you booger?
  3. Bacon


    Odd. That might have been what the user was referring to when she talked about girls on Twitter accusing Thom of stuff.
  4. Bacon


    I love your insistence of my "alluding" or what I said as definitive. All I asked was if there was a reason for this and that I was bothered by the rumors I had read recently. You're literally the only one derailing this thread at this point and being hostile. Keep telling yourself whatever you want to tell yourself though.
  5. Bacon


    Since it's been posted and you all are being so direct about it, the thing I was talking about is that Romahnee said Thom solicited from girls on Tumblr and also implied there may have been some underage soliciting. That's what the PR blow out would be or the lawsuit Romahnee is alluding to would be. The only thing I was posting was that I wasn't necessarily a fan of the execution of the shirt, as it appears to be a blatant cash attempt (which other people in this thread agree it is). I had recently seen those comments and allegations so I just said the cash grabs weren't helping that situation in my own mind, and I wanted AtEase's thoughts on them because personal life issues and allegations are not important, but criminal allegations are entirely another thing. It's something worth discrediting. Like you said, I'm not substantiating them, I was just curious what people's thoughts were because they were obviously around longer than I realized. As for @booger bear who continues to react as if I've wronged him by posting about this on the forum: I have no idea if any of this is real or fake or what, but I'm not a troll and I'd appreciate it kindly if you would stop reacting so strongly to something so minor, booger bear. You've seen me on here long enough to know I'm not one and you're continuing to say it to just disregard anything I'm saying. Jeez. Continue to overreact and unhinged yourself but understand that you're the only one doing so in the thread. Or learn to act your age which would benefit yourself and the site as a whole.
  6. Bacon


    What was her lotus flower video?
  7. Bacon


  8. Bacon


    (1) No I'm not. I didn't say what it was because it's not my place to specifically call out or accuse. I was just referring to what other people have said. (2) I was telling them where to find the users making the allegations. The users post in threads related to his girlfriend. I'm not making a statement about her. (3) I never said that and I never said the users said that. I said AMSP was released quietly instead of interviews/promotional appearances (which it was and the band acknowledges). The user implies this is because they didn't want to misspeak about something. (4) I speak English fine, thank you, and I am not trolling. I am being intentionally vague because these rumors (if false) do not deserve the amount of credence or hostility you're bringing up. I was just asking if people on here had heard any of them. They go beyond infidelity, and, if you're mad about me not saying anything, you're free to look for them yourself.
  9. Bacon


    Didn't think it was possible for a regular user to completely misunderstand or misread what I am saying and get so hostile over something so minor. Is it on purpose? This has nothing to do with him possibly or possibly not cheating on his wife. But since I've already explained myself and you've made it clear you have no intention of addressing the situation in any kind of reasonable way, I'm done posting about it.
  10. Bacon


    I'm not trolling, and your attitude isn't appreciated. All I was doing was asking for various points of view/insight because I had not heard them before. I get your point of view. Let someone else respond.
  11. Bacon


    Look at basically any Reddit thread about Dajana. Basically relating to his sexual life and his treatment of his ex-wife/children. It'd normally just be tabloid hoopla that I'd overlook, but some of the accusations involve potentially criminal activity and the users seem to think it's going to come to a head soon which is why AMSP didn't have much promotion and why Thom is constantly putting projects out. I remember some people bringing up similar stuff related to it when someone brought up Miss Pearly a while ago. Like I said, I take these things with a heavy grain of salt, I was just curious what you guys knew since many of you have been community members for two or three times longer than I have. I've met Thom, and it was an immensely pleasant experience so I don't care to peer into his personal life. The man is just a dude. I've just seen more and more of these seemingly pointless releases (albeit still interesting/limited enough to get attention), and I couldn't shake that image from my head since I read the rumors recently.
  12. Bacon


    Not really trying to give them credibility, but they claim to be friends of Rachel's and post just about anytime anyone mentions Thom's personal life or relationships. Saw the accusations the other day and, trolling or not, they're pretty strong, and could lead to some serious issues if they came out about him [hence my statement about a PR blow out and a need for as much cash as possible through touring/merch]. I don't believe it, but it's just something in the back of my head when I woke up and saw this kind of thing on their site. Once you read it, it's kind of hard to unread it. Curious if people on here have any insight considering the length of time many of you guys spent on the original AtEase.
  13. Bacon


    https://store.wasteheadquarters.com/collections/w-a-s-t-e-on-demand Shirt available for one weekend only at $45. Why? Is there a reason this is happening? I've seen some users on Reddit throwing accusations at Thom and one of them said he was trying to scrape in as much $$$ as possible before a PR blow out. There's no credibility to their rumors but Thom doing stuff like this and the Limited Edition Suspiria vinyl sure doesn't help alleviate worries.
  14. Bacon

    Austin City Limits 2016

    Well I'm glad we know who's opinion to completely ignore in the future.
  15. Bacon


    Read it wrong on mobile. I knew something was up there.