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  1. Probably my favourite RH show. Great setlist, amazing performance.
  2. yes let's again baselessly speculate about famous people we don't know and what is or isn't proper of them, what fun
  3. Just another reason to hate that SMUG FUCK
  4. chernobyl2


    this thread is better than 80% of the posts on this forum lately
  5. Oh god did they seriously change their name to Gamma Dog? That's so fucking terrible.
  6. Clive is a great addition to RH, honestly, especially on the 2012 tour when I saw them, the double drum arrangements worked super well. I hope if they do LP10 that he's got a bigger role.
  7. isn't slowdive's producer one of RH's managers?
  8. Fitter Happier is better than Electioneering
  9. jesus fucking christ please no. no djembe either.
  10. imagine unironically naming a song Banksters 🤣
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