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  1. this is just a shitty fan account not associated with the band
  2. I remember seeing the setlist for Cambridge 2010 for the first time and thinking it HAD to be fake because it had 2 new songs as well as fucking DAILY MAIL and I FROZE UP.?!?! Wild times. I hope we get some really deep cuts and new songs 🙂
  3. lol wait is this saying that he sold it to a guy in the crew of the Streets? That's hilarious
  4. Listening to these again today, really great stuff.
  5. I have him on Facebook, maybe I'll poke him about this... would that be weird?
  6. Amazing! Thanks forward, really stoked to hear these
  7. Oh shit, all of the CI hosted ones are gone?! edit: not even sure if CI even had the full collection now that I think about it @Wonsaponatime to thread plzzzz?
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/ci2jy3/perfect_name_for_my_wifi/
  9. Track #9 I think it was supposed to be
  10. Two Feet Off The Ground is great, but yeah I can see why it's a bonus track.
  11. Oh damn, thank you! Don't have access right now as I'm travelling, but do you know if that show is on the Hub?!
  12. AHEM - "I Don't Want To Hurt You," "Attenzione!" and "Tomorrow Night In Paris" would beg to differ!! And let's not even start talking about Thom's funky cloak!
  13. As long as those are: Say The Word Innocents Civilian and Jonny's Scott Walker Song
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