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  1. the fuck is wrong with you new people
  2. I really love that Aja / IR comparison lol I'll back that
  3. I mean I think it's easiest to think about it like you'd think about the TKOL Special Edition or AMSP Box Set, only the hardcores are gonna go for them, but there are enough people who want it to justify making it.
  4. Oh damn, I actually might pick up a copy of this.
  5. Oh yeah there's some real random shit in that list.
  6. Via Reddit, seems there were some songs registered on ASCAP recently... ROPE THOM YORKE, FOUR TET, BURIAL HER REVOLUTION THOM YORKE, FOUR TET, BURIAL Hopefully this is the unfinished stuff that was mentioned a while back and they've gone and finished it.
  7. Bombers is 4 Minute Warning. Cminor song is not Worrywort. Would love a version of Froze Up though! Though in all honesty I do really hope that gets onto LP10...
  8. this is just a shitty fan account not associated with the band
  9. I remember seeing the setlist for Cambridge 2010 for the first time and thinking it HAD to be fake because it had 2 new songs as well as fucking DAILY MAIL and I FROZE UP.?!?! Wild times. I hope we get some really deep cuts and new songs 🙂
  10. lol wait is this saying that he sold it to a guy in the crew of the Streets? That's hilarious
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