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  1. wow. instead of long released remixes of boring songs, maybe they should trickle out something cool like previously unheard studio takes or an acoustic demo. something to hype people up for kid deluxe which will assuredly (hopefully) contain a deluge of new material. ;0
  2. i am so excited to join everyone on the new forum journey, but this place wasn't exactly popping before the bot started to fuck up the place. what we need is new blood, warm blood. get some more people in here, invite ur friends. let's get things going so that u don't feel like fools when the new board is averaging 2 posts a day.
  3. i'm here to make the site great again so don't worry guys 🙂
  4. elvis costello would never cheat on his wife and have a threesome
  5. thom had a threesome with someone something something
  6. i have a jar labeled "thom's river" that i collect all my radiohead-induced tears in and i use them to clean my radiohead and thom yorke records once every 3 months
  7. this thread was originally titled "ANIMA B-sides album coming September (8 NEW TRACKS!!!) but i felt it too rude and antagonistic.
  8. sorry guys. i stopped my "trolling" for the past few weeks but something struck me in the moment... i felt compelled to make this thread. i'll do better. i'm better than this i'm SORRYY
  9. this has more artistic merit than anything thom yorke has done in the last 12 years
  10. wow those drawings sure are some schizophrenic fucking drawings
  11. i have just arrived from the future. ask me anything regarding the 20th anniversary edition of kid a
  12. today i tried to write and record an organ track that i was going to layer with isolated last hour vocals but it fucking SUCKED so i didn't finish it. also. ANOTHER GODDAMN THING. moyer states that he didn't include "3" (early king's crossing) on the soundtrack because elliott "probably wouldn't have wanted it released" but then he has zero problems with throwing "i love my room" or goddamn "don't call me billy" on that soundtrack... as if elliott was lining up to share those amateur and goofy recordings with the world. it's bullshit. the guy has good intentions, but any uncirculating material that he touches will never see the light of day.
  13. can u believe that Kevin Moyer, director of Heaven Adores You, said that he didn't want to include the all-organ version of The Last Hour in the film because it was too "funeral like" but then he goes and sticks elliott's love letter to heroin (@TRUE LOVE) on both the movie AND the soundtrack.
  14. i'm thinking more along the lines of... the national anthem (take 4, insert 5) kid a (thom home demo) dollars and cents (isolated bass track)
  15. lmao. you're all out of your mind if you think we're getting more than 3 outtakes.
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