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  1. very great post. great post. simply great. wonderful post. people who diss on heatmiser compared to elliott's solo r losers. they don't know what's what plainclothes man is a top 10 thing he's ever written ever. blackout, bastard john, and cannibal also perfect. neil's stuff is also all great and his solo record as No. 2 is also wonderful.
  2. w here is every1 i thoght u ppl would be on this like an ant on a child's dropped watermelon slice
  3. 1994-05-20 Balelec- EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland brand new. on dime. i don't really want 2 listen 2 it but when i saw it i immediately thought of you losers check it check it
  4. my favorite was someone who said they were instead going to sit down and listen to the album versions of the songs while reading descriptions of the minidisc versions and try to imagine what it sounds like.
  5. wow. instead of long released remixes of boring songs, maybe they should trickle out something cool like previously unheard studio takes or an acoustic demo. something to hype people up for kid deluxe which will assuredly (hopefully) contain a deluge of new material. ;0
  6. i am so excited to join everyone on the new forum journey, but this place wasn't exactly popping before the bot started to fuck up the place. what we need is new blood, warm blood. get some more people in here, invite ur friends. let's get things going so that u don't feel like fools when the new board is averaging 2 posts a day.
  7. i'm here to make the site great again so don't worry guys 🙂
  8. elvis costello would never cheat on his wife and have a threesome
  9. thom had a threesome with someone something something
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