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  1. appearcomposed


    lma0 this album is never coming out
  2. appearcomposed


    Hello everyone.
  3. appearcomposed

    Kid A Reissue + 2 discs of sessions and outtakes due out in July 2019

    i am a good user
  4. appearcomposed

    Ill Wind getting single release

    I don't think AMSP was all that good.
  5. appearcomposed


    my stomach hurts badly 😞
  6. appearcomposed


    what's up, gang?
  7. appearcomposed

    Colin Digging Through Bends Session Tapes?!

    what's up. my name's appearcomposed.
  8. appearcomposed

    Best of r/radiohead

  9. appearcomposed

    2018 North America Tour

    i do, but i asked my friend to remaster them first. i hope that's ok.
  10. appearcomposed

    2018 North America Tour

    oknotok didn't even have that much unreleased stuff. the three that were there were already known to us and we had heard them live before. i guess the cassette was pretty cool with a bunch of stuff on it, but the oknotok album itself was pretty bare bones. i can only hope they step it up for a kid a reissue
  11. appearcomposed


    i have an advance copy of the album. pm me for a download link.
  12. appearcomposed

    Best of r/radiohead

    who r u
  13. appearcomposed

    2018 North America Tour

    one time this guy i know tried to remaster an elliott smith live recording and it turned out really bad and everyone made fun of him and he got angry. lol
  14. appearcomposed

    Best of r/radiohead