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  1. lurgee

    2018 North America Tour

    Thank you!
  2. lurgee

    2018 North America Tour

    Hi, has anyone seen MSG 3/4 or Philly 1/2 outside of torrents/the Hub? While these may be comically easy, I am unable to use either due to an ancient laptop and no WiFi at home for the foreseeable future. Would anyone be willing to DM a link or point me in the right direction?
  3. lurgee

    2018 North America Tour

    Thanks. I can't get access to dime and my ancient laptop will not tolerate torrents, which means the hub is out. If that means the shows won't be available, I suppose that's the reality. It shouldn't be the case, however.
  4. lurgee

    2018 North America Tour

    Hi there. Has anyone seen recordings of MSG nights 3 or 4 and both philly nights? Thanks!