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  1. duaessences as clay become

    Does anyone have the old Loophole remix audio files?

    Here is a new and free vst module that could be used with the loophole pieces!! i just started using it two days ago and am astonished by how many natural sounding locations within an acoustic space for percussion can be created! https://www.auburnsounds.com/products/Panagement.html Wonsy this is a very good time to visit again! :) Somehow the new atease moves at the present day pace of Radiohead, a most welcome development! it will feel as though maybe a month at most will pass until the KID A archival project (whatever it turns out to be) is released, whereas, on the original ateease it might feel like a few dozen years!
  2. duaessences as clay become

    Dawn Chorus Is . . .

    http://www.citizeninsane.eu/music/pile/whateverhappens.html http://www.citizeninsane.eu/music/pile/coininacup.html did it look anything like these ones?
  3. duaessences as clay become

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    There must be some either normal or adapted formats that will allow them to release whichever archival recordings from the sessions that they wish! Digital download is obviously an option! I sort of think that an interactive web space may be created; as that was particularly a crucial part of the KID A period. it may be that there are a number of recordings that would work within a special archival release, but then some additional ones (such as soundscapes and snippets) would be embedded there either to hear, download or both!
  4. duaessences as clay become


    i somewhat feel this way that they have not made an EP or album with Neil Young!! Of course, the same could be said for basically all musicians and potential collaborations! From the outside it can always seem like music must feel like a universal language even moreso to musicians~artists who have been able to reach more people and interact with more musicians. it seems to be more complicated than that. Personalities, after all, are not currently based for example solely on music, largely because human beings are not currently using exclusively music-based (or exclusively creative) language. It is encouraging to consider that it could happen any day , it just requires some attention and enthusiasm!!
  5. duaessences as clay become

    Best of r/radiohead

    i do wonder about what Stanley has described: he and Thom had quite many titles picked out, it is plausible that the new release could be given one of those titles!!
  6. duaessences as clay become


    It seems like they might get there again!! The short autumn tour coming up is when we might find out. Apparently Dave has recently written what he described as more songs than he ever has before. On topicish it is still quite amazing news from whenever Jonny's interview was (2017 or maybe last year at the most recent) that he described having written some songs that he considered for Radiohead! That makes me think that every now and then he and Colin could be deciding to work on ideas together.
  7. duaessences as clay become


    I do sort of think that they have become something similar to Animal Collective; by allowing their personal time and projects to transform what they are when they are all together!! A more amorphous experience for everyone, out of which more unusual and uncanny music seems to form!!
  8. duaessences as clay become


    I am into the idea that for 2022 or 23; as though the original HTTT was an album of demos, complete the project with whichever songs they choose: with a crucial missing piece, orchestral arrangements from Jonny and probably the LCO!! I think it could utilize all new sessions that would include the more complete arrangements (such as the resolving chord for Where I End which i think is, although i love the original, one of the most poignant simple changes they have made to live versions) they have developed live. There There is maybe the one song that wouldn't work with strings per se (although who knows!!) but Jonny can compose with basically any instruments and textures in mind. A subtle yet dynamic Ondes arrangement that would complement that of How to Disappear could be exceptional!!
  9. duaessences as clay become


    What i am remembering is, Nigel was posting on atease during the time of The Eraser having leaked, and, as part of his presence there, he answered someone's question about HTTT; his post seemed to mention something like that he had wanted to do more complete production on each track. There was a bit more that I can't remember clearly enough. A logical guess based on the band's situation at the time is that they had already in recent memory slogged through two drawn-out and unpleasant situations trying to finalize albums (OKC and KID A) and wished to avoid that experience as much as possible.
  10. duaessences as clay become


    It feels possible the next archival release will use a format that accomodates more recordings!! In 2017, the discussion in interviews about the overall process was that they had saved much more from the actual KID A sessions. I haven't yet looked at the list of what is on the minidiscs, are there lots of alternate versions/takes of songs that are full-on studio versions from working at St. Catherine's Court, or, more in the form of pre-session demos and rehearsals? If so, then probably that is what they were trying to describe, that the actual OKC sessions were not nearly as archived as KID A!
  11. duaessences as clay become

    We did an Amnesiac Jazz thing...

    I am happy to finally be responding; Amnesiac is surely my favorite so this did overwhelm me even more than KID A! Quite simply I am dumbstruck in the best ways!!!! The extent to which these concerts and arrangements work on their own as wholly uncompromising, fundamentally beautiful, and slyly strange jazz suites, while, to me personally, simultaneously somehow bringing together the most seemingly out of reach subconscious feelings that come from listening to the albums is beyond what I have experienced before!! It makes sense to me that you would be able to do that, Rick!!!! You have seemed from the start to tune into jazz for what it really is, a beyond-extraterrestrial visitor in our lives that, although we know parts of the stories of its origins, still is unbelievable that it exists as music and allows people to communicate as deeply as it does!! (Not unlike the concept/form of singing in tongues, after all there are a lot of tongues involved, whether it is literal tongues, or each of the piano keys and hammers being tonguelike, how basses still and always will sound more like a voice than vocoders, and of course drumkits are like a complex mouth in which the drummer themselves is the tongue moving about to create all of the syllables and phrases!!)
  12. duaessences as clay become

    Dawn Chorus Is . . .

    I really don't think it is this but it could be!! it was indicated as Jonny's piece when it was played by Flying Lotus on the radio, but it was the intro music for many of the In Rainbows concerts!!
  13. duaessences as clay become

    New Music Video Incoming?

    I think the 2017 concert that hoserama is working on in their spare time is that format! but this one is from France so i am almost sure it is a different taper, and was mentioned by appearcomposed to be a soundboard. it is just one long FLAC file! maybe the link is still in the other thread, i will try to find it, but it may have been removed by mistake. edit: I just found it, and you have posted right after saying Thank you so you probably have it!! Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Lyon 2018 ..!!
  14. duaessences as clay become

    New Music Video Incoming?

    https://instaud.io/3Nvm I am not sure if you were around when in the midst of the OK Computer discussion and a soundboard recording of Thom and Nigel in Lyon from last year was posted!! i have brought the version of that song here, keeping in the whole long intro for how well it builds and builds from there!
  15. duaessences as clay become

    New Music Video Incoming?

    They are saved on the annex! if you right click them you can use the address to manually add them using the button for insert other media, or, we can ask adriaan to add them!