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  1. duaessences as clay become

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    I didn't remember much from whenever i had previously read through some of Ed's diary, i feel like this time it felt like it was in 3D or higher, whereas previously it felt more 2D: amazing to read, but still feeling very distant, probably because it was more or less opaque in its finality: there was no indication years ago that we would be able to hear any of the recordings he is describing! (It is still "uncertain" i suppose!) Cuttooth is mentioned quite a bit in 1999! I didn't remember that, and Follow Me Around being in there! Up on the Ladder is in there too, i definitely did not remember that!! http://citizeninsane.eu/media/edsdiary.html
  2. duaessences as clay become

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    I think it is within the realm of plausibility that there could be enough recordings from 1999, along with writings and drawings, that would not necessarily fit in the main KID A or Amnesiac projects. It might be a bit more implausible that it would actually become a separate release, to be followed by the releases for KID A and Amnesiac over the next two years, but, it might also really work! There may be a lot of ideas from 1999 that are not represented on either album. I have gone to citizeninsane to check out Ed's diary, i didn't remember that a lot of it is from 1999..!!
  3. duaessences as clay become

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    It took me a bit to realize, but, to some extent this is now occurring!! It is hard to tell this early of whether it will specifically be clothes (while also revealing and releasing the piece itself), or if there might be some other formats; or when they might happen, this new W.A.S.T.E. situation is intriguing!
  4. duaessences as clay become


    Hmm!! This is a unique way to also release the piece itself, for which there might not be space in the eventual release! I am starting to understand italo's intuition that the new release doesn't necessarily have to be literally 20 years after the original! Autumn 2020 is not particularly distant, but, maybe it will be earlier next year than expected!
  5. duaessences as clay become

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    The difference between the Morning Bells is still so musically and emotionally compelling; it at least seems like there are more of those pairings in their archive! I do really appreciate realizing that there could be quite a lot of artwork and ideas that have will not be known until the release, or maybe some of it will appear earlier as with the unique artwork appearing well before OKNOTOK..!!
  6. duaessences as clay become

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Hunting Bears seems to be closely related to I Might be Wrong which you will already be playing. So it would be fantastic to sort of make an alternate perhaps improvised transition from Dollars & Cents to Like Spinning Plates!!
  7. duaessences as clay become

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Somehow this more subtle, sparsely attended atease makes it seem like time is passing more quickly. It feels basically as though this will be appearing in just a few days!
  8. duaessences as clay become

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    With Radiohead songs, the first few years of touring are just the beginning!! I don't personally consider any of the A Moon Shaped Pool songs to have been disappointing in their concert versions, but i do think that whichever ones continue to new tours will have changed in unique ways! I'm very excited to eventually hear their official recordings from last year.
  9. duaessences as clay become

    Colin Digging Through Bends Session Tapes?!

    My only guess is, that Ed hopes they do not find themselves in an overcomplicated process of trying to organize and interpret all of it! I think they will try to have a balanced amount of music from each session that they would like to share. It may turn out that the original split between KID A and Amnesiac will help them out once again to bring compatible music together!
  10. duaessences as clay become

    Colin Digging Through Bends Session Tapes?!

    Yes; this may not be the same interview, but Ed did mention last year to ExitMusic Argentina something very similar: When we moved to the recent reissue of OK Computer, O’Brien mentioned that there are talks of doing something similar with Kid A and Amnesiac: “there is a lot of material from those albums, but you have to be careful when you do something like that.” He then added that Kid A/Amnesiac, In Rainbows and The Bends are probably the albums which could turn out the most interesting if they did a similar release to OKNOTOK. “There are different versions of songs from The Bends and that could be interesting,” he added.
  11. duaessences as clay become

    Radiohead inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame

    Hmm!! I am not sure how the performances are developed for the ceremony, but perhaps David Byrne will also be singing some songs with Radiohead??? ( depending on whether anyone from Radiohead is actually there)
  12. duaessences as clay become


    Potentially, the album is representative of in some ways of what George Harrison described wishing they did with the 1968 album, to create one cohesive album with the best music they had recorded. I am certain that there are at least many unique and dynamic sequences of music that could happen by trying to form a double album that would include some or all of A Moon Shaped Pool. Possibly wsome of the additional music would be from solo projects, which sounds somewhat unadvisable, but many of the white album songs are closer to, or literally, solo music and it adds quite a lot!
  13. duaessences as clay become

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    I'm not sure if Oblique Strategies would help, but in case, here they are!! http://stoney.sb.org/eno/oblique.html Generally speaking, it can be an inbetween or early version of your potential interpretation; it can be like a road test concert! As you are saying that isn't necessarily ideal, but the group you have is profoundly awesome and so whichever arrangements you create will become very much beyond the sum of its parts!!
  14. duaessences as clay become

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Hmm!! It is hard to tell what aspects of A Moon Shaped Pool being created could be included, but there may be, highly speculatively, the eventual release of some sort of docu-film, that would probably include live performances (the closest indication of anything existing of this nature is that concerts from 2018 have not been added to the landfill television page)!
  15. duaessences as clay become


    Yes, there would be, from our perspective, potentially a lot of room then for new projects! ( It sort of seems like these two albums are the complicated archival projects until In Rainbows, which if it is to be 2027, a while from now, although that is honestly on the horizon compared to earlier years! Ed has discussed last year, a bit abstractly, that basically the Hail to the thief era may not have as much archival material.) I think what helps with the idea of making new music is that at this point they must have more of a sense than ever that people who appreciate their creativity also tend to have no expectations!