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  1. duaessences as clay become

    Radiohead inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame

    Hmm!! I am not sure how the performances are developed for the ceremony, but perhaps David Byrne will also be singing some songs with Radiohead??? ( depending on whether anyone from Radiohead is actually there)
  2. duaessences as clay become


    Potentially, the album is representative of in some ways of what George Harrison described wishing they did with the 1968 album, to create one cohesive album with the best music they had recorded. I am certain that there are at least many unique and dynamic sequences of music that could happen by trying to form a double album that would include some or all of A Moon Shaped Pool. Possibly wsome of the additional music would be from solo projects, which sounds somewhat unadvisable, but many of the white album songs are closer to, or literally, solo music and it adds quite a lot!
  3. duaessences as clay become

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    I'm not sure if Oblique Strategies would help, but in case, here they are!! http://stoney.sb.org/eno/oblique.html Generally speaking, it can be an inbetween or early version of your potential interpretation; it can be like a road test concert! As you are saying that isn't necessarily ideal, but the group you have is profoundly awesome and so whichever arrangements you create will become very much beyond the sum of its parts!!
  4. duaessences as clay become

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Hmm!! It is hard to tell what aspects of A Moon Shaped Pool being created could be included, but there may be, highly speculatively, the eventual release of some sort of docu-film, that would probably include live performances (the closest indication of anything existing of this nature is that concerts from 2018 have not been added to the landfill television page)!
  5. duaessences as clay become


    Yes, there would be, from our perspective, potentially a lot of room then for new projects! ( It sort of seems like these two albums are the complicated archival projects until In Rainbows, which if it is to be 2027, a while from now, although that is honestly on the horizon compared to earlier years! Ed has discussed last year, a bit abstractly, that basically the Hail to the thief era may not have as much archival material.) I think what helps with the idea of making new music is that at this point they must have more of a sense than ever that people who appreciate their creativity also tend to have no expectations!
  6. duaessences as clay become

    Kid A Reissue + 2 discs of sessions and outtakes due out in July 2019

    It was rather wise and unexpected, that last time they basically allowed a second and different OK Computer era to happen. I am not sure what will happen this time, but there is a lot that might be possible, with much being completely outside of the realm of prediction!
  7. duaessences as clay become

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    !! Perhaps, there would be a way to do it during the same week that Animal Collective would have their London tour dates. Sometimes over here that happens and it is called often something like an "aftershow" and it doesn't have to be official, it is just somewhere for fans to go after the main concert! Or it can be scheduled to happen some days before the concerts that would have increased interest to fans getting in the mood! The plans for the upcoming album, said by someone from Animal Collective, are that it will be "swampy and jazzy"!!
  8. duaessences as clay become

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Amnesiac??!! That will be incredible!! It does seem that to play through each song in sequence would bring many elusive and fascinating emotions that will build upon eachother in ways that you will find very surprising; not because it is Radiohead's music, but, because it is specifically that music, those compositions and your group transformations of them! I am glad that somehow about a year after atease disappeared, that it is once again here and that many of us found our way back! I get what Zane is saying, that it is not exactly active, but it is allowing discussion and chatting to happen very gradually and naturally which is especially good for between~times such as this!
  9. duaessences as clay become

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    I found myself taken back to both the first time that i listened to KID A, and the earliest days of when I started to listen to jazz..!! Rick, I never thought i would get to return to those moments and experiences! To me it is a clear indication that, even more than i had previously realized, you really have a musical mind and overall self that can reach the essences of why ideas within compositions work the ways that they do, and why they can reach and resonate with people. This allows you and your group to recreate and combine them in ways that are pure. Non-jazz-listeners may be confused by the word pure but it is basically "a location that feels unusually and truly pure" that musicians, with a rich tradition of it occurring within jazz, can reach, and take the listeners and audiences with them. KID A as an album is especially an unusually potent dance between a still purity and a chaotic purity. This is by far one of my favorite jazz recordings, so thank you for creating!! The combination of mic placement, not overpracticing, and the arrangements themselves, it is the same as a classic Village Vanguard recording to me! I am glad to hear that you will continue this method at the Vortex!! Hopefully Feels is on the way this year or next!!
  10. duaessences as clay become

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-red-hot-chili-peppers-egypt-20190131-story.html I am not sure whether the longtime concept on atease (trying to remember the thread title, it was a bit complex!) is something that Radiohead will actually do, but, the ideas in this article make it seem a bit closer to being possible. Also i guess if Flea really finds it to have been good, he and Thom and Nigel will talk about it at some point. Even at this concert it is possible that some sort of solo version of Pyramid Song on guitar may happen! Now, I don't think the sole original inspiration for the atease thread was necessarily specifically that it would be quite astonishing to one day bring those two, the song and unusual ancient artwork, together, but it is quite a compelling aspect of it! Perhaps having a concert or two there during a tour in 2021 that would include many Amnesiac songs would be a bit "on the nose", but there isn't a nose there on which to be!
  11. duaessences as clay become

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    It certainly make sense!! I think if this festival would be an early premiere of the film, with later appearances and its release happening some months later, they would not have announced anything yet! And, I would say, even if the film this festival is showing turns out to be MPIE; there still could be something new on the way in the future: the Radiohead.tv page has still not added any concerts from 2018.
  12. duaessences as clay become

    Ill Wind getting single release

    I suppose it would be hard to tell without hearing it! Thank you for suggesting one of the parts that feels fast to you! https://instaud.io/3bmO
  13. duaessences as clay become

    Ill Wind getting single release

    I didn't hear it when it was initially released because I was unable, although, I don't remember anyone on atease mentioning: Is it sped up at all? I slowed it down by about 3 1/2 percent and it sounds really natural this way! I am not sure how to tell what the actual original speed might be, but someone else might! Maybe that is what you are noticing, the vocals would be moving through the words faster than they were actually sung?
  14. duaessences as clay become

    Ill Wind getting single release

    It is interesting to contemplate, I certainly had not realized it until now with this context, how Daydreaming certainly does fulfill the promise of a full band version of I want none of this!!
  15. duaessences as clay become

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    I am excited by the sense that you will have the original arrangements still existing for an unknown time in the future, and then also now you have the simplified ones in the future! In many ways that mirrors the KID A sessions and album themselves! I am glad to hear you wll be recording!!