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  1. If you use computer instruments, i should give this one to you!! It is considered by the creator to be a theremin~ondes hybrid, and it is a free download: Their website is temporarily down but i can send you a link to the file i have!
  2. https://www.sendspace.com/file/lj6jqm I remembered this song today and set about adding an additional instrument, not the actual one but an emulation, it is a good sound for this song as it connects to the beautiful ebb and flow of the original recording; i am glad to have tried!
  3. Thank you for bringing this here, i really am glad to hear it!! There is a lot to love, especially the painting with chords and instruments changing in either ear sort of like ballet or theater!! I am not sure at all what it will be like, but, i will try to make one as well!
  4. it is still somewhat puzzling that the most recent fullest UK tour was 2003! But, really, the live music cancellations have helped remind me of all of the countries and locales that bands overall basically cannot work out the logistics to tour. I am feeling positively that Nigel's interest in restarting From the Basement will be possible by mid 2021 (small groups of people could gather together by then?) and maybe they will do more of a gig format, playing multiple days, complete with Andi setting up shop with many different types of lights around the space! even if it isn't next year, From the Basement with Andi is as much of a Radiohead future milestone as every release of key songs that had been in waiting! They could record it and do post production, and have multiple takes of whichever parts they wish to do again, like normal, and then it would be released and available to as many people as possible, perhaps some or all with some fundraising involved!
  5. ^^ based on this, there is a sense of at least a potential home for some additional varied recordings as well as more of the era's artwork and poetic faxes that Stanley and Thom have mentioned. It partially feels like they may wait to release anything until autumn for it to be 20 years since, but i hope maybe it will be in the next few months instead!
  6. the next part adds better context i would say! So you’re only concerned with the present and the future? “We’ve had different chapters in Radiohead life. Up until the end of ‘OK Computer’ was one chapter; ‘Kid A’ through to ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ was another chapter. We’ve sort of drawn a line now and are wondering what the next chapter will be. That’s what we’ll figure out next.” ~~~~~ As far as the first part, I think that maybe a new physical release will be delayed or not be made. But, it already was a different situation with KID A, both that the amount of additional recordings is too much to really fit into a physical release format, and, even moreso(this is just an opinion obviously!) but how could the album be mixed better than it already is?
  7. Thank you for bringing this back!! : ) :) I am surprised at how well this organ instrument carries the emotive ideas of Daydreaming; I think part of it must be that the person playing has listened enough to know to keep slightly, instinctively varying the spacing between the notes, and the also that this is a fantastically woozy, drifty sound chosen for the instrument! https://imgtagram.com/m/2269168295714004722
  8. based on the very positive results of the minidisc charity release, it seems plausible that some of the material planned to be placed in the Library is being reorganized for something similar! I am not sure when, funds will be needed for a while.
  9. it is much stranger to reconsider that situation now! Maybe it was trying to warn us? If not that, a very complex and surprising coincidence as those can tend to be.
  10. I think it depends if they think it will help people under quarantine types of conditions to release what they have planned to add to the Library? It could be either way, it could also be considered too complicated a time to release anything.
  11. That is lovely to have some insight that they are seemingly going to add to the Library! it would probably not be just yet but if so probably before the EOB album is released, otherwise if it will precede the numerical anniversary time it might be this summer??
  12. I am sort of wondering now whether every album represents (at least) some sort of abstract yet attuned impresion of the future in 20 years? That would be perhaps that what we call 20 years is an amount of time that can conduct itself coherently in what interpret as, but probably is not as limited as the words make it seem, backwards and forwards through time?
  13. !! Was this in the minidiscs?? Most of the discs i have not yet heard. either way, it is definitely a highlight now! Colin plays such warm and wandering full melody lines, it is a perfect complement to the version we know with the stacatto riffs veering in and out! He even plays that ascending line from Lift near the beginning! There is so much to love about this arrangement!
  14. it was the beginning of May 2017: https://twitter.com/radiohead/status/859044764389453829 I remembered it being February or March but it was something else; probably the tour announcement in 2018!
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