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  1. I only recently starting reading through this thread but somebody said 6 weeks. From looking at my emails 2nd May 2017 was the date several shops announced it and it was also the date I created my accountat the OKNOTOK store. The release date of the 3 x vinyl and 2 CD was 23rd June, not sure if the big boxed set was the same date. So an early-mid August announcement would be consistent with an early October release if they were going for the actual 20th anniversary. Seemed to be some very strong interest in earlier interviews - why wouldn't it happen? Ed's attention is obviously elsewhere with a new album out and nobody would want to undermine that by hyping the project up now.
  2. I know nothing about this Toronto incident beyond maybe seeing the thread when the OKC minidiscs stuff was leaking and sorry for the late response. But anyway I feel like a post in defence of COR might be due. He visited the board a lot around the time of HTTT (his username was "blackstar"). I had no doubt he was a keen Radiohead fan, I met him with a few boarders after a show in London in 2003 and his affection for the music was clear...he was enjoying playing songs that Radiohead had only recently webcasted for example, it was far from knocking out the hits for a few dollars. Anyway on the board people asked him a lot about his versions of songs around that time and there was a fair proportion of people who were interested to discuss the music with him, as well as a proportion who were determined to wind him up and call him a con artist - he even seemed to deal with them with a degree of patience. So I think to say he was "a dick to everyone" is unfair at least in that period. Caveat - things seemed to have soured by TKOL - in a post that several people later said was douchey, after someone asked if he was still working on Radiohead, he referred to the album as "The King of Lames" and said true fans should check out his version of Magpie....as he seemed to be so unimpressed with TKOL version. Attacking the band's newest output and simultaneous self promotion was a questionable tactic.
  3. Best incarnation & rank in order?
  4. I thought it was funny. I gave it a haha reaction too because I haven't I haven't used my allocated number of reactions yet today. Accidentally liked your post at first too. Sorry about that. I'm all over the place.
  5. Yay I haven't double posted in years. I love you all and missed you all
  6. To be fair, they've never even seen a shooting star before. NEVER FORGET
  7. This is a great summary. Save yourself most of what you'd find out by reading pages 1 to 30 (the bit before all the Weezer nonsense) by reading this.
  8. An affectionate summary though I doubt many even here would agree that it's "endlessly interesting". How refreshing that most of the "below the line" comments ignore the content of the article and leak, and instead angrily inform me what is the *real* album of the 90s. Really interesting stuff. and people said this place was full of insufferable trolls.
  9. So much wrong with that claim. If anyone wasn't it the super keen fans / hoarders that were asked to pay this so-called ransom? Or have I totally got the wrong end of the stick. If you wanted to hold the band to random better to steal their 2019 demos and threaten to press delete. As if there's only one copy of anything these days.
  10. There is now a tagged version of the original leak around. Grabbed it early today but the link I had is dead. Will keep an eye out for another upload of it. A tagged version of the 320k version would be equally good of course.
  11. That's pretty harsh. We have sketchy information over the history of many songs, the odd demo here and 2006 live premiere there is not much evidence for "they usually ruin songs with more and more work". And if you don't think they normally nail songs, how much of their output do you actually like?
  12. The above from page 30 was a criminally underrated response to the following post. I laughed a lot ........ BLAME IT ON THE BLACK STAR! 😂 (a bit of "58 hours" for page 58 funnily enough)
  13. You played your part. Though I don't care even a tiny bit about Weezer chat. There's far more pressing matters. Hi, page 58.
  14. Another long time member returning to give thanks for this exciting news. If someone could pm me me the link to the mp3s or even one disc of them you will make the end of my holiday :) I've just spent every spare moment today reading all 57 pages. There were some highs and lows I can assure you.
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