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    Colin Digging Through Bends Session Tapes?!

    If I had to guess, "be careful" means they don't want to release versions /songs / partial recordings that they view as terrible. They did lots of experimenting back then as we know, and I'm sure that resulted in lots of odd bits that they wouldn't want released -- lest someone think it was ever seriously considered or even liked at the time.
  2. First Against the Wall

    These are the Essential Radiohead Concerts

    A great resource by the esteemed Vice President Cheney / @EsotericCD which summarizes a series of posts on the old AtEase Multimedia forum. http://essentialradioheadbootlegs.tumblr.com/ Other nice resources for quality recordings are: http://radioboots.blogspot.com/ http://www.radiohead-notforprofit.com/
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    This is actually really wonderful to hear. He loves the band and wants to stay constantly busy making new music -- awesome.
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    New layout for Waste

    I like it. https://www.wasteheadquarters.com/
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    Oh nice. Will have to check it out since I have tapeworm's original. Did you do the same to first night of Chicago?
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    2018 North America Tour

    If there is a great recording that's on Dime or some other torrent site, I'd certainly appreciate knowing about it. I was at both Chicago shows and am thankful for the post here about the excellent recordings. It's a total pain to download torrents (for me at least) but worth it for the right stuff.
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    Multimedia Subforum?

    I second the motion to include a multimedia section. And I'll further request that Vice President Cheney's posts on the key Radiohead recordings be fully restored. This page is a good start.
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    Thanks. Hopefully he'll bring that one back (unless i'm just blind right now)
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    Great to have this place back. Thanks Adriaan. So is there a forum for recordings of their live shows? Forget what that was called in the old place.