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  1. Agent Cooper

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Yeah, I really like this little jam. I also like how you can hear it developing with more layers added to it with each take. Will definitely be listening to the third take quite a bit.
  2. Agent Cooper

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Some off the top of my head are below. Only on disc 11 and only thing I've skipped ahead to listen to was the version of Lift on disc 15. Also hard to parse through all the previously unheard solo acoustic Thom songs so not many (or any) are on the list below but I'm sure someone else on here will have some suggestions with those. Full band TLW from Disc 1 Lift Disc 15 Long Paranoid Android from Disc 5 with organ 10 min Let Down from Disc 9 Solo Thom Last Flowers Disc 6 (second take) --> I believe part is amazing here Walk Down (unreleased full band song from Disc 9) Thom solo acoustic version of Nude on Disc 5 Full band Nude with organ on disc 3 Thom Solo acoustic Life in a Glass House disc 9 MPS version 2 Disc 4 Jam at the end of Disc 3 --> actually one of my fav things so far Full band jam on Disc 7 with synth and ride cymbal Funk jam at the end of Disc 7 Tomorrow Night in Paris (haven't heard yet but seems like something a lot of people are into)
  3. Agent Cooper

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Thanks for this! Is there a way to use this with-out re-encoding the mp3? Not positive but think what I just did with Mediahuman re-encoded the files.
  4. Agent Cooper

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Just popping in to reiterate what others have said: great to see At Ease back and it's crazy digging through these sessions and all they have to offer. Currently on the full band version of MPS on Disc 2 and loving it. Also, had no idea there is a chance we might get another Radiohead album this year (although not holding my breath too much on that).