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  1. Um... what? ..."evidence later emerged that this user was not the longstanding Hoserama, but rather Zimbra pretending to be Hoserama. (“What if I make a Discord with that username. And then leak the entire thing as him?” a screenshot of an apparent chat log with Zimbra reads.)" ...then toward the end: "I’m pretty much as in the dark as you,” Zimbra writes to me. “The fake Hoserama is who I got it from initially." So Zimbra pretended to be Hoserama to leak the stuff...but also claims to have gotten it from fake Hoserama in the first place? Yeah that doesn't sound too sketchy. 🤨
  2. All that's missing from this scenario is a reaction from the band. Really hoping Thom dashes off a Trump-style tweetstorm insulting the leaker and insisting the leak is "fake news" but also insisting that the material is totally uninteresting 🤣
  3. Oh dear god, those different verses of The Tourist. Dying.
  4. Wow, I get an email from W.A.S.T.E about a t-shirt so I come over here to check the pulse of the fanhood and I find this. Those reddit links are the most entertaining Radiohead-related reading the world has coughed up in quite a long time But about that t-shirt. I'm excited by the prospect of "new" Kid A/Amnesiac-era studio detritus coming at us, but if they're planning to release it one ephemera-emblazoned overpriced item at a time...not so much. I actually kind of like the shirt design, but I like it at most 20 dollars' worth. I hope it's a weird one-off thing they're doing in the lead-up to releasing stuff that's (overpriced, most likely, but also) actually interesting.
  5. Yup, and nothing inside but more dates. It seems to be using last updated date in place of folder/filename...? Not sure WTH is up with that, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I jumped on a v. popular Jeff Beck show that just happened to hit Dime right when I logged on, so my ratio is ready for some RH shows BTW thanks for that latest one, @inez4bears
  6. And yet for some reason, when I go to set my share folder, all I see is a list of folders/subfolders labeled with just dates... so this will take some more detective work at some point ? I'm perfectly happy using Dime tho; as usual, my upgrade request was responded to within 12 hours, so I'm back in business there.
  7. Thanks Inez, I'll check it out.
  8. I hope you have better luck than I just did! I used to be able to connect to hubs but I got a new laptop last year and now I'm SOL. Jucy won't run at all on this MacBook Air; I tried connecting to Radiohub this morning using Shakespeer and immediately got a "you're BANNED!" message (my crime: I "need a new nickname"). Oh dear -- off with my head!). So it's back to Dime for me, once the mods promote my new account up from the useless Guest level. Kind of a pain in the ass, but as someone who really only downloads/seeds when RH is on tour, I'm used to having my accounts nuked and having to start over from scratch every few years
  9. I am so glad to see this essential resource has been preserved, at least in part. But I just clicked through to VP Cheney's Twitter account and, assuming the profile pic is of the actual person... man oh man... I mean of course I always knew it wasn't really Dick Cheney. But you get an image in your mind... you know?? Plus I'd grown fond of this hilarious fantasy scenario of the real Dick Cheney obsessing over Radiohead bootlegs. Gonna take my head a while to unbend itself over this shocking brush with reality.
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