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  1. This isn't going to become the new meme. You won't see @fabri re-posting this nonsense.
  2. Ok, so I hate to be that guy, but... https://extra.ie/2020/09/10/news/irish-news/man-floating-down-liffey "‘This appeared to be a controlled situation and a water rescue response was stood down.’ Viewers who watched the video of the man floating down the River Liffey had suggested that the incident could be related to a charity event or a performance art piece."
  3. Maybe it's not an anniversary reissue, but rather an EP of unheard songs from the Kid A sessions. A girl can dream!
  4. What I meant was Today is the day we find out that it isn't happening.
  5. So did anyone else get a postcard today with the bear and “I’m lost at sea” written 20x over it?
  6. Yeah, I still totally appreciate it 🙂 Did you get my PM?
  7. Wrong. Pablo Honey = Help! The Bends = Rubber Soul OK Computer = Revolver Kid A = Sgt Pepper's Amnesiac = Magical Mystery Tour HTTT = White Album In Rainbows = Abbey Road King of Limbs = Yellow Submarine Moon Shaped Pool = Let It Be
  8. THANK YOU! Edit: oh dang it's 720. was really hoping it was 1080 like the 5 song version that was released in the past. I'm trying to make a retrospective video that features the best performances from any 1080 performance available (Montreux Jazz Festival 2003, V Festival 2006, Reading 2009 from the 1080 capture, etc).
  9. You = the (wo)man Also, if you have the means to rip the Public Library version (or already have a copy of it) and can pass my way, I'm willing to sync the superior audio to the BBC video and get an A+ version out into the world.
  10. I'm banned from Dime and can't connect to the hub to save my life. Wanna upload here?
  11. BBC is running this show for a month: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p08p5hpp/reading-and-leeds-festival-2009-radiohead I can't get my VPN to play the fucking video, but can someone else confirm that there's more on this than was previously released? It says 114 minutes run time and I feel like the version already out there on the hub is only 10-12 songs or so—could this have previously unseen material? One of you wankers in the UK wanna rip it and share if so?
  12. Pre-ordered the vinyl. Good stuff, Zane!
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