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  1. Is that artwork new to us? Could be a hint of Kid Amnesiac 20th anniversary edition artwork?
  2. What if this is part of some viral marketing for KIDANOTADIK and Ade is in on it?
  3. I would settle for the full Berlin show in HD.
  4. This is one of the best covers/arrangements I’ve heard.
  5. At this point, I'm for this. We could just keeping bumping a post in Main here pointing people toward the new, actually moderated board.
  6. These spam posts are like Ash on steroids—more random strings of words with no meaning but done at 20x his volume.
  7. Adriaan said shortly after relaunch that he wasn’t assigning mods but he’s not here often enough to clean this stuff up so we should really be taking nominations... id like to nominate myself, Scatterbrain the First.
  8. Dude we got a year to go. Can you not math?
  9. Since 2004 😉 though I initially operated under another name...
  10. Yeah I don’t believe any of it.
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