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  1. Scatterbrain

    These are the Essential Radiohead Concerts

    Ugh, Feral is amazing live. Shit owned in Berkeley.
  2. Scatterbrain


    Gone for a year as of a week or so ago 💔
  3. Scatterbrain

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Have downloaded. Will listen next month when I'm cleaning out my downloads folder.
  4. Scatterbrain


    He's obviously getting hair transplants.
  5. Scatterbrain

    Who is your new Radiohead?

    Don't get me wrong—I really, really like Beach House. I have everything from Devotion to 7 on vinyl (except Lucky Stars, still need to grab that). I think they make an awesome noise and I hope to see them do it live sometime soon! What I mean by "artistic integrity" is the constant refining and reworking of a song until it's perfect. We all know about Radiohead's perfectionism and them sitting on songs for years or decades to ensure they're "right". Same thing goes for Grizzly Bear's latest album—you can tell they toiled over making a perfect album, and in my humble opinion, they did. I get why some people aren't as into Deerhunter, especially the last two albums, but Halcyon Digest is still one of the best albums of this decade and was quite the artistic statement. I'm sure Beach House toils as well, but I don't feel like they push themselves as hard as they could and are a bit too comfortable in their sound, though I admit 7 was a huge step in the right direction compared to Lucky Stars/Depression Cherry (at least for me personally). As far as Nirvana is concerned, they were really only in the spotlight for 2.5 years before Kurt died and thus didn't have enough time to grow. I'm sure Kurt's musical output would have matured as he aged—and we got a glimpse of what could have been with Unplugged. I'd like to think he would have completely given up on distortion and power chords by the late 90s 🙂 And yes, Scatterbrain is still in my top 10 favorite Radiohead songs. Dunno if they'll ever top Daydreaming though, that shit is pure magic. I hope I'm wrong, though!
  6. Scatterbrain

    Who is your new Radiohead?

    Uhh, maybe Yellow House suffers from sounding the same, but Painted Ruins is fucking brilliant. All songs sound different. Also, Deerhunter has done a great job of switching up their sound for each album.
  7. Scatterbrain

    Who is your new Radiohead?

    I really like Beach House, especially Bloom and 7, but they can't touch Radiohead in terms of artistic integrity. Too much of their shit sounds the same. Here are my top contemporary bands that are still putting out good music: 1. Radiohead 2. Grizzly Bear 3. Deerhunter 4. Tame Impala 5. Spoon
  8. Scatterbrain

    Ill Wind getting single release

    We were expecting a full-band track as it was basically hyped as such. People sat around refreshing waiting for it to drop and there was an announcement an hour or two before that there it was a piano-based track or something IIRC. That was the disappointment. I remember skipping a college class that morning to hear it and was pissed that all that hype of a new RH track was just a Thom track. Good song though. 7/10
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    Feels good.
  10. Scatterbrain

    New layout for Waste

    No, they just canceled it. Ticket holders got an email on Monday.
  11. Scatterbrain

    Best of r/radiohead

    https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/9wu133/took_this_picture_last_week_in_san_diego_thought/ ?
  12. Scatterbrain

    Best of r/radiohead

    Quick, catch up on all the important discussions we've had since July!
  13. Scatterbrain


    LP10 thread is turning into a real party!
  14. Scatterbrain