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  1. I actually had no idea Elliott was in a band before his solo career, whoops..this sounds great what a perfect time to get into new bands.
  2. Did extinction rebellion ever say how much money was raised from the minidiscs?
  3. They must have filmed most of the gigs, there's that Dublin show on the library but its not the full show.
  4. my first gig was actually Radiohead in 2000 in Warrington , day after Kid A came out. Went with my dad, still remember bits and bobs to this day like the huge tent they were in and Thom playing motion picture soundtrack by himself with lasers behind him.
  5. The subreddit is particularly bad at the moment, just endless threads of shite.
  6. Thom playing an acoustic set in May at All Points East....usually he does these kind of shows when he has new songs to play?
  7. Yeah I didn't get mine checked either, was thinking of emailing a local studio but they'd probably tell me to fuck off.
  8. Oh yeah that is a great shout, still their best ever bootleg in my opinion...I know that recording like the back of my hand. Could do with editing out that annoying guy who keeps shouting out "come on ed!"
  9. Jesus as if people are still using that board, used to love it back in the day.
  10. There is a lot of shit on the discs let's be honest, most of the loud thom acoustic stuff is pretty bad, but super interesting to hear given how much of a perfectionist he is. would happily take 4 discs of good stuff.
  11. Man I wish I was discovering born under punches for the first time like a lot of reddit is right now.
  12. I think the minidiscs is my favourite thing to happen as a Radiohead fan, used to day dream all the time of sneaking into their studio and listening to the out takes and we somehow got 18hours worth. Can't believe they were holding onto those versions of TLW, MPS, Last Flowers and Lift.
  13. The hacker didn't try and extort Radiohead for £150k though?
  14. Atease during 2002/3 was pretty great. Remember downloading mp3s of the first night of the 2002 tour on my shitty 56k modem and listening to them non stop.
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