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  1. For our lasting pleasure: Radiohead Public Library
  2. KID A/Amnesiac ahead by two lengths . . .
  3. thatthere

    Forum rules

    main forum Everything Radiohead Bots 18,293 posts @adriaan Please fix It's a New Year
  4. thatthere

    Forum rules

    we already have the forum and it's atease
  5. thatthere

    Forum rules

    this possible forum expiration thing is crimping my New Year's Eve
  6. the intrepid one whole lotta news going on standing till the last (RH haiku)
  7. see post of @duaessences as clay become to move RH main to Gen Music. Add one cup sugar. Stir.
  8. thatthere

    Forum rules

    Since RH main is overrun by bots some threads are moving to Music main thanks to @duaessences as clay become.
  9. Well, keeping tabs on what's going on IS part of hosting a board. That's kind of an implied promise to the people who come and make something of an empty void. (redundancy intentional for emphasis)
  10. The Last Thing We Wanted . . . Not in the Fight Club club but didn't know RH was asked to score it “I’d just come off tour. I was mentally incapable of even tying my shoes.”
  11. https://medium.com/@adriaan_28925/at-ease-23ec31485286 Public messages but requires an account Maybe more relevant to him than his FB page @audionerd though I don't pretend to know NB: this is not a dox, just tired of this. Letting it spiral down this way is not any of these things. Least of all fun. It’s a label, it’s artist management, it’s a platform, it’s complicated, as always… but it’s going to be fun. It’s AT EASE. A lot of great stuff is coming up.
  12. This is not a point and smirk post. Tarik AMA
  13. maybe someone should directly ring him up (as in phone him) it's possible he has no idea this place is brimming with bots
  14. Stanley Donwood artwork. entirely random choice. The lights are on but nobody's home
  15. Which will be first - the KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary release or Adriaan cleaning up atease
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