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  1. thatthere


    In that case I'm sure you could do better than fifty bucks
  2. thatthere


    Why I don't read Reddit or bring it over here. Crap third-hand gossip is just that. People say shit for many reasons. You can't believe the stuff that's slung around on the internet. Which is @booger bear 's point. We will never know the whole story about any of this. Do we need to? Linking social media (Reddit/Twitter etc) rumours to this decidedly unattractive T-shirt pop up sale (sorry anyone buying one) seems like maybe the result of too much . . . immersion. My sense is that this isn't trolling. More a mistake in thinking any sort of discussion here would be a good idea. I don't think this is an appropriate place to explore allegations, rumours and such about personal lives. At any rate, no harm done. RH should have offered the T-shirt for free to random WASTE ticket folks!
  3. thatthere


    "Rediscovered while clearing out the studio. " Tomorrow's leftover boxes
  4. thatthere

    we did a Kid A jazz thing

    Dollars and Cents has such a slinky feel. Should be a great night Rick. Hope you post a recording again.
  5. thatthere

    Austin City Limits 2016

    @MarkGraceJust for you, Thom did an interview in Crack magazine.
  6. thatthere

    Austin City Limits 2016

    And they really enjoy figuring out how to present those songs in concert. It's a whole other set of challenges and innovations. It's why we can prefer studio versions or in other cases songs feel truly nailed live. Or both, which is where I am a lot of the time with this band.
  7. thatthere

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    “I've been going through the Kid A stuff with the others. We were all a bit mad by the end of that period”--Thom
  8. thatthere


  9. thatthere

    2018 North America Tour

    Since we are between album drops, this would be a great time for those with tasty shows to release them
  10. thatthere

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/radiohead-or-mueller-report I'd like to see Open the Floodgates in the report though _______________________ <---redacted
  11. thatthere

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Yeah, Gawpers is nasty, little spiteful word. That's exactly why I felt that title was a poor match to the song I listened to once. Does the song sound nasty or spiteful? Did Thom? Gawpers sounds like a song title from LP3, maybe. Thom's song titles may need to be a whole thread. Those we love and those we . . . think are just out there. (Or both) I wouldn't be surprised if gawpers was some George Monbiot buzzword. Which is why I'd like someone not named Thom to have a go at naming the anniversary release--that was the point I was trying to make. Colin maybe. What would Colin name it?
  12. thatthere

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    From @Karin Didn't see it in other thread. Does Thom need like a vegan ice cream cone?
  13. thatthere

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Hopefully Thom won't be naming it. His second piece for the Paris concert is called Gawpers.
  14. thatthere

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Yeah, but nowhere does that article mention that the piano piece has vocals. So that's news from Bryce.
  15. thatthere

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Yep. Although he's "based in Paris", his accent is a mix of Ohio/Brooklyn when speaking French, so it sounds like an American speaking a second language. Which it is. It's easier to translate than native speakers. I was lost listening to the Labeque sisters interview.