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  1. and have these decades been worthwhile for you?
  2. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for all sales on May 1, June 5, and July 3. Not sure where this post belongs, so it's going here. -->I know, the minidiscs and TMB aren't there anymore. But if there's something else you wanted, on these dates the $ goes to the artists. There are some cool bands.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-JxnK4GKhA 😆
  4. What's that about though?
  5. Andi Watson was named a Knight of Illumination for the 2018 tour. From the Basement would be a tad more intimate for Andi. The idea, though, of recording in a "gathering of less than 25 persons" space, is nearly ideal as a great way for the band to become active in the next 12 months, as shelter-in-place restrictions are gradually loosened. Recording LP10 would also be a "fewer person" alternative to touring. Needs more band interest than just Nigel though.
  6. Do we have any recent comments from Jonny or Colin on this anniversary release idea? In his interviews for EOB's Earth, Ed has voiced his feelings of past depression, so I think his turning away from the release reflects a deeper aversion to get into all that again. It brings up stuff he doesn't care to deal with, and with his new EOB music push at his center, it may seem not only useless but unhealthy to open that box. From Thom: "Kid A was a difficult album to make. It'll be interesting. Opening that one will be interesting. It’ll all come flooding back. It wasn’t the happiest of times. But I think the music was pretty good."
  7. Bring on the experimentation. Also, I can go through the 80 reels. No prob.
  8. Yes, they're available at the library. But I think the idea is to give cooped up people a place to watch a concert together, as a social event, and chat, etc.. Which is cool. With 20 hours to go the chat was already buzzing. The rest of us (social misfits) can watch shows by our (lonely) selves anytime in a Radiohead library stack.
  9. How did Cuttooth not make it onto Amnesiac? EOB_Official Ed O'Brien/Radiohead 126 points·1 hour ago Now you're speaking my language .. agree Thanks for posting @baba booey
  10. RH - weekly on Thursday Live From A Tent In Dublin (October 2000) Lolla Berlin 2016 Pink Floyd - weekly on Friday
  11. During longer walks, staying12 feet away from anyone, these minidiscs are ____________ 1) Just the thing 2) anxiety-reducing 3) annoying when "I Promise" comes on 4) Pretty fucking cool
  12. For our lasting pleasure: Radiohead Public Library
  13. KID A/Amnesiac ahead by two lengths . . .
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