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  1. Ash

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    if you had told me thus back in 2013 I would have eaten your shit hat!
  2. Ash

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    we can work it out! WE CAN WORK IT OUT!
  3. Ash

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    we made it! we ADE ā€¦ shit!
  4. you're the best! AROUND! nothing in this town will keep you down!
  5. Ash


    oh hi there ade I didn't hear you come in!
  6. Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. maybe the bots have retreated! mayhaps they'll come back and utterly DESTROY us!
  8. you dare doubt? šŸ˜  get him, ladies!
  9. Ash


    then they break up on the 20th year anne of in rainblow man!
  10. Ash


    2026 a damn decade wait! 10 years for TEN! elpy! šŸ˜ 
  11. Ash

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    House of At Ease *LEAVES!* I was ALWAYS just one one of 3 steves!
  12. I think mine could not have won even if chosen cuz it had an unsanctified sample of YMCA šŸ˜ž PARANOID AARON CARTER DROID!
  13. that's MISTER pink! pissed her mink šŸ˜­ it's so sad now! I had such fun fantasies of being the last one alive on at ease or the endering of days but no it never ends up nearly as "epic" as you'd imagine back in the day day! hind shite IS 2020! šŸ˜ 
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