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  1. they had an "arrangement" actually I don't think they did! at this rate we're quite lucky thom didn't get me too'd also! the shit he pulled!
  2. nearly 200 dollars! last I heard
  3. 1995 at the age of 10! oh dear god?
  4. our beagle's 2nd middle name (!) was BOWIE! cloey Zoey BOWIE yes I didn't like CHLOE so it was CLOEY (zoo-ey!) you = BONKY BURU! yr bonkies… i'm abu roo!
  5. da bang da bang diggy diggy! 😠 wasn't there some brief radiohead / kid rock feud? something even about him wiping his ass with rhed toilet paper?!
  6. Ash

    1990 Thom

    and now you know... THE REST OF THE STORY! hehe!
  7. well you better go catch it! (the corona beer virus I mean!)
  8. how like the world then! and you will too!
  9. stop eating my munch 'ems!
  10. plus don't gorget how east to abuse it is!
  11. it's happening A GIN! :ph34r: no stopping this time! SERIOUS THIS PLACE!
  12. i'm sorry but they've done SO Many lame / ultra-greedy capitalist merch shit over the years but somehow this one seem REALLY lame! like come ON man... the hell is this even! I need to go return some overdue lie barry books...
  13. well that's weird cuz mine fave is the REAL reckon her! (papa pa!) … not that IN RAINBLOW BULL SHIT! 😠 they fucked up nude! big idears will always be the REAL boot!
  14. WE DONT TAKE TOO KINDLY TO YOUR TYPE AROUND THESE HERE PORTS now boogie he ain't hurtin' no body!
  15. where's the so. central rain cover AND THE SMITHS / THE SMURFS (innit shit!)
  16. bots are evolving!
  18. i'm shocked you aren't banished for life! hell that's how you met my wife!
  19. Ash


    this is how I met my future ex-wife!
  20. Ash

    Bond 25

    in a way it kind of is! JIZZ! 😠
  21. Ash

    Forum rules

    if you had told me thus back in 2013 I would have eaten your shit hat!
  22. Ash

    Forum rules

    we can work it out! WE CAN WORK IT OUT!
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