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    there was also possible missed opps to meet Kiks in 2013 in Austin Taxes and possibly even St. Kitten Kisslar in 2012 Atlanta Georgia! so many missed friend black ops or toony tease (in the deerhoofest of senses!)
  3. Ash


    and apparently Seancover / VANCOUVER (from 2002+ days!) was there and i didn't meet him either! 😠 so messed up but then again so was i 'round that time! in a way i was even MORE messed up the year before but somehow met a guy called Exit / Exxy (SEXI EXI!) him being from brazil but living in the never never glands (i think?) but in portland for a show where i also first met a guy from an animal collective board for first time too! with exxy it was like 2004 to 2016 so like 12 years later! and i had forgotten how he had made the artwork for a
  4. Ash


    we have to go back! we have to GLOW BLACK!!!
  5. i'll get them to put some of 'em back in! but next time i'm charging!
  6. Ash

    Forum Rules

    the hell is that! 😠
  7. so out of it yet DAMN PROUD OF SHIT! 😠
  8. Ash


  9. Ash

    Forum Rules

    more like Warm Induction! FLEETING!
  10. Ash

    Forum rules

    right you are, mr. bobo!
  11. one day... you are gonna grow wings! a petro-chemical reaction! fucked like a bug in a rug! named doug! not so funny now is it! 😠 honk honk!
  12. BIGGITY BIGGITY BONG! 😠 hey ross where's yr fuckin monkey! (call him up on your mar-cellular phoney!)
  13. Grope Hair Evolution! SOLUTION! of these 3 thom is def. the best troniks person followed by 4 tit and followed wayyyyyyyyyyy in the back at the bottom with bad burial!
  14. Ash

    Forum rules

    more liek a rebekka blank / kenny blankenship restaurant! save me baby booey! you're the final one!
  15. more like Amnesiac from the Attic! Kid A from the A DIKt!
  16. Neil Young #9 (number nine... number nine!) BOMBERS! maybe Frozen Up can be retitled You're The Cream (In My Airport Coffee!)
  17. maybe thom can jump in said poop-shaped mule and possibly get electrocuted / go moby electro! stupid thom... NO BODY GLISTENS TO TECHNO!
  18. Ash


    more like radio porn hubble telescopic lens krafterworks!
  19. 2020 isn't even half over! hopefully some exciting things happen in the second 1/2 i mean in the WORLD! at large! LARGER THAN LIFE! (have you met my ex-wife?)
  20. Blow Out the Outerside Otherworld!
  21. Ash

    Chieftan Mews

    not to mention his third-rate sexual fetish social justice meetup shite!
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