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  1. Agree with the Kid A opinion, but I'd say that's pretty popular everywhere except /r/radiohead.
  2. A L I E N S by Coldplay is better than at least half of the Radiohead discography. You could convince me that Politik and Square One are as well.
  3. You're right I Promise is perfect b-side material, don't know why I didn't think of that.
  4. Good find! They're not even trying to hide the fact it's Radiohead with all those references.
  5. The rollout of this would have been planned for months, to the day.
  6. Best Elvis Costello song is Watch Your Step, not talking to anyone who thinks otherwise.
  7. We need real Ash to show all these discount Ash's how it's done!
  8. VPC, are you ever planning to do an AMSP section on the Essential Radiohead Bootlegs site?
  9. By my count they've almost raised 8000 pounds already.
  10. Just noticed some of the discs are shorter than the leaked ones. Looks like they had to cut out copyrighted material or something? I guess for that reason alone it might be worth keeping both editions? Edit: yeah don't delete your leaked versions just yet if you care about some of the ambient/field recording stuff which was probably problematic given copyright.
  11. Glad we got off on the right foot 🙂 Nice profile pic btw
  12. wait what people are complaining about this? This is an absolutely A++++++ response from the band. They're giving away 18 hours of music and the proceeds are going to a climate action group. If you're whinging about this then you can honestly go f*** yourself.
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