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  1. Leftover from way back in 2011? Or something they've worked on since then and just didn't finish?
  2. Hi, Zane. Hope you're doing well.
  3. Some person I don't know has a cover of Weird Fishes on her album.
  4. Covers 4 Minute Warning around 52:00.
  5. Too bad they didn't find that live bassline sooner. Adds so much to the song.
  6. We Suck Young Blood is the only song I skip on any Radiohead album. It's such drag after the momentum of Where I End and You Begin.
  7. Blow Out is such a great tune. The only harbinger on that album of the things to come.
  8. Where were you for the Alexa Debacle of 2016? Good times. Really like this album.
  9. Crush it in the ground and see if it grows wings.
  10. Plasticine Figures? Hadn't heard about this.
  11. Is there any sort of timeline for the start of the next Radiohead album? No. I think everything at the moment, because of the coronavirus, is up in the air. We couldn’t even make an album at the moment, even if we wanted to. And everybody is doing their own project. Thom is really massively into his touring. He’s got other stuff coming out. It’s the same with Jonny and the same with Philip [Selway], he’s got his next album coming out next year. We are talking about stuff. But when you get to a band like ours, what you have to do is move forward in a way that keeps the integrity and the creativity of what you’ve done before. We’re always mindful of that. We’ve been in a band for 35 years, and we don’t work together like we did 10, 15, 20 years ago. We don’t. People have lots of other things going on, so it’s a matter of finding…when we feel that we have something we collectively want to do together. I think that’s the beauty of what we do. There’s a real honesty about it. We’re not trying to fulfill contracts or maintain a lifestyle that requires us to make albums. We want to do it because we’re inspired to do it and that should always be the case. You should be inspired to work with people and make music rather than feel obligated. I can’t do that. I can’t do it unless I’m inspired, and I think that’s the case for all of us. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ed-obrien-new-album-radiohead-987247/
  12. Is a Kid A/Amnesiac box set still something that might happen this year? Umm…maybe yes? I’m not sure. To be honest with you, I know it’s the 20th anniversary. We obviously have meetings and stuff like that. If there is something good for a box set…We did it for OK Computer, and that was good, but I’m of the school of thought that goes, “If there’s something really great to be said or done or celebrated, then that’s okay. But it’s gotta be good.” I think the OK Computer thing was good. We had a couple of tracks that had never been heard. The other thing with Kid A is there’s so much more material. With OK Computer, there might be 19 reels [of tape]. I think we got through about 80 reels of two-inch tape for Kid A and Amnesiac. There was a lot more experimentation with the songs, since we were trying to find our way. There’s lots and lots of stuff. [The question is] whether it’s any good, and I’ve got no idea. It’s not my department, really. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ed-obrien-new-album-radiohead-987247/
  13. Are all of these already up on the library? Or are they new?
  14. Listening to IR. This version of Nude is just fucking ace.
  15. I've always thought of this as the inspiration for HTDC (at least the strings). Wonderful song!
  16. Ed always moving the goalposts on different chapters and phases of Radiohead.
  17. Tons of Radiohead covers from quarantine sessions. Ben Gibbard did Fake Plastic Trees, James Blake went with No Surprises, Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell with a nice cover of High and Dry, and actor Sam Neill did a version of Creep on ukulele.
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