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  1. MarkGrace


    A PR blow out?
  2. MarkGrace

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Great interview. Excited for some Thom music and whatever the band has in store for Kid A.
  3. MarkGrace

    Austin City Limits 2016

    Hoping for tidbits of news about Thom's solo album, LP10, interviews with the band about various projects, etc. I get this is what happens between album cycles. It happened with TKOL and In Rainbows before that. You get three, four, five years deep and it's the same thing being said over and over about the most recent album. It's just boring at that point and you sense the desperation for a new development to talk about. That's all I was saying above.
  4. MarkGrace

    Austin City Limits 2016

    In my line of work the SOL is 3 years, which is actually today for AMSP. But for this type of discussion that's much too generous, so I'm going with a few months. After that it's just boring churn and echo chamber.
  5. MarkGrace

    Austin City Limits 2016

    I wouldn't have three years ago. They would have been interesting then.
  6. MarkGrace

    Austin City Limits 2016

    AMSP hot takes in 2019 are just a snooze. We're just desperate for some real Radiohead news. Even an Ed solo album.
  7. MarkGrace

    Austin City Limits 2016

    Blowout from Astoria 🤘
  8. MarkGrace


    If the comment about Nude is a reaction to my post, then you misread. I love the album version of Nude and think it's better than the old version.
  9. MarkGrace

    Austin City Limits 2016

    But how absolutely hilarious is Thom's bass part in Orgy from ACL?
  10. MarkGrace

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Wow. Right to the top of my candidate shit list.
  11. MarkGrace


    I hope you're right!
  12. MarkGrace


    Like Nude. I like the old version, but they just threw so much at it trying to get the old structure to work. The version that made In Rainbows is much leaner and to the point.
  13. MarkGrace


    Haven't listened to it in a very long time, but remember liking the intro and outro quite a bit. But it slogged on for like 5 minutes total. And compared to the solo version the pace just felt too languid for the melody.
  14. MarkGrace


    Was excited about what it could become when it was just in Thom solo form. But that full band version is an absolute snooze.
  15. MarkGrace


    Don't care much about I Froze Up, Floodgates, FMA or Skirting, but would really love a finished version of Wake Me.