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  1. Leftover from way back in 2011? Or something they've worked on since then and just didn't finish?
  2. Hi, Zane. Hope you're doing well.
  3. Some person I don't know has a cover of Weird Fishes on her album.
  4. Covers 4 Minute Warning around 52:00.
  5. Too bad they didn't find that live bassline sooner. Adds so much to the song.
  6. We Suck Young Blood is the only song I skip on any Radiohead album. It's such drag after the momentum of Where I End and You Begin.
  7. Blow Out is such a great tune. The only harbinger on that album of the things to come.
  8. Where were you for the Alexa Debacle of 2016? Good times. Really like this album.
  9. Crush it in the ground and see if it grows wings.
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