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  1. That was actually Thom there for his wedding. He's aging horribly.
  2. Does kiks still check in around here ever? Does Empire Machines/Gamma Dog have any new music?
  3. Second half of Codex is one of Jonny's more underrated arrangements IMO. Not as attention grabbing as something like HTDC, Climbing Up the Walls, Tinker Tailor, etc., but it's really subtle and gorgeous.
  4. Bones is not just underrated, it's good 🤷‍♂️
  5. Yes. Can your friend that played on TKOL get you in contact with the band so they punt Nigel?
  6. They'd already used the best arrangements for that song on There There and Reckoner. Should have just copied the arrangement to Portishead's The Rip.
  7. I don't care about the next James Bond He kills for country, queen and god We don't need another murderous toff I'm just wondering where the high street's gone
  8. Just ordered the vinyl. Not because I think Zane is a good musician but so he can eat.
  9. Don't tell him that. It will go to his head.
  10. Interesting pick on Bodysnatchers for a vocal! Guess I never think about the vocals on that one so much as how fast that song just seems to blastoff and the roaring guitars. Sometimes I forget what Thom used to be able to do vocally. When they released I Promise with OKNOTOK it was like holy shit, oh yeah, he used to sound like that.
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