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  1. Donny

    Weekly Report

    You all did an excellent job posting today. I would like to see more of this. Keep it up.
  2. Yeah, so mellow that 10 out of 12 forums stay COMPLETELY EMPTY. Do yourself a favor, honey, take a Valium, stare off into space and SMILE. it’s gonna be a long fucking fall and winter
  3. Not really. Have a nice life, tho
  4. It’s ok Zane. Sometimes when you’re going down you’re really goin up. And sometimes when you think you’re losing something youre really just seeing what you really have. And sometimes when something’s ending, a whole other thing is just beginning and you’ll always have the music in your heart.
  5. Ogay. I awso jerked off in da ribrary too.
  6. Can I dwive? I’m a good dwiver.
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