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  1. Think the guy walking behind me smelt it?
  2. If Thoms has Down syndrome and as I concluded before: And as the young lady originally stated: Then I can only conclude that Thom is the only guy on earth with the disease and hes pretty well taken by the organization known as Radiohead, I can only conclude WE'VE CURED DOWN SYNDROME
  3. And of course he stops talking about it. Dreams never make sense, do they. Well we could have made this dream sequence thing a lot funnier, but I think I got the clue I needed. I’m ready to wake up now.
  4. You never answered me what kind of music it was but when I woke up I had the whole caper solved! Thanks! I owe ya one. Did you know that Thom has Down syndrome but not only that wait till I tell ya the rest
  5. You were in my dream. I’m sorry. I spent all my money at Subway. I don’t even like sandwiches. The bread weighs me down.
  6. Say, what’s the deal with your record. What’s it called? What kinda music is it?
  7. Sure thing. Here how much? Shoot ! Where’s my dough!?
  8. sh-sh-sure whatever you gotta do.........but before you do CAN I ASK YOU JUST ONE MORE QUESTION????
  9. H-hey y-yer f-ugh-face ch-ch-changed. Do. I.Have. Down syndrome cus if Thoms gotta a lazy eye aaan iiii gotta a lazy eye that means...
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