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  1. Ron


    He smelled like bacon. I think it was booger in disguise.
  2. Wax paper, y’all! gone be needn that wax to write yo name in the book of life! carry yo deeds across time in space. Just a notha soul Bakn in the oven. Line yo pie crust, unstick your karma and come clean. Keep things tidy y’all. It’s a bumpy ride. Wax Paper! dat shit durable material for the cosmic codex!
  3. Thom Yorke be the pied pipah of souls in this dimension. But that’s just till you find gyo own avatar! Or not! y’all welcome to just strum along and jock his. It’s up ta you. You da author.
  4. Who writen the memoir? You is suckah! even the joy you feel from yo favorite band. You are creating and intoning that joy. Like it’s some magic fairy dust that carry across dimensions. Ain’t that wild?
  5. but that be fa real, brotha. We be makn a timeline in our name and shit.
  6. Sheeit ,Tom Green! I made that foo a wax paper condom so he go scare he’s grandmammy and put it on tv. oh I know I’m goin ta hail!
  7. Thats right! And it’s all in my book, Secrets of the wax.
  8. That’s why I say’n it be some conspeeuhsy sheeit. dead n the soul of humanity and sheeit. The pyamid is Powha! Stare into the dark that shit’ll stare back. Back into ya soul, bra
  9. 🐲✌ W𝐚χ 𝕡Ⓐ𝓅𝒆ℝ ❷ʘ2-➄55-Ѳ❶1➈ -𝔯OⓃ ♘🎉
  10. oh yes, ma’am let’s see here achem! (Lefteye Lopez rap) A-yoIf we could all agree to lettin'Our souls become free of that sweetBitterness then whose chest wouldHave the most seedsI keep misfocusin' my needsAnd this stress on my backWith them caps they be blastin'Into my knap sackAin't no accidental deathtrapsMy mishap is the fact thatI'm destined to snapIt's when I feel as though my body'sAble to go my mind is ready to flowDid you know first you catchAnd then I throwIt's my own sense of timeIf I'm late it's 'cause I'm endin' my dayJust when the sun shinesAnd still g
  11. ooooh boy, you deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!
  12. Oooooh you set trippin boy! you set trippn! I believe I ain't about that life, naw suh! I sticks to my meat n potatoes. Shit like busta ryhmes say gimme some mo
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