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  1. Ron


    Now ,Whatchyoo thank he wrote that on Wax paper!
  2. No mo wax fa him. Bring out the devilness! Lord ha mercy!
  3. Com think of it. Uziber sure do! Rhyme wid Lucifer!
  4. Oh whale. Mightes whale cmon gitchyo wax paper now!!!
  5. Sound like that band Traffic meet n up with tosca tango on that #
  6. See? Now that’s what I’m talkn bout. keeds today don unnastan the jayuzz!!
  7. Ron


    Me and Ash deployed together. Tet offensive. Summer 68. We had a sniper on us. I snuck up behind her and gave her a clip. It was a girl. 14. Still alive on the ground-begging us to finish her off. We stood over her trying figure out what to do. Ash said to leave her. Let the rats pick her off. I just couldn’t. Unloaded. I’ll never forget what Ash said. He just looked at me and said ...”hardcore” ...her face...looked like...cheese puffs
  8. Damn cat, thats some slick hustle but as long we all up in heeya USlin! dis Ron widda wax paper 202-555-0119
  9. Put it to ya like dis heaya! Ain’t gone distract sheeit! After all, it’s just some wax paper(hit me up) but it’s the principal of the thing, YA DIG!? shit ain’t right, when people ought to be workn ta get they world right ,they minds right So dem cookies come out nice a heh hehhh he !!!🤪🤪🤪
  10. Man, 18 hours and dat foo ain’t sang Nothin! bout no wax paper!
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