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  1. Tent city jazz is even more sparse and boppn than Kansas City!
  2. Nirvana

    1990 Thom

    I WILL rise up in a tent city
  3. That’s it! The Jermaine Jackson track about avoiding freakish celebrity. Oh the shimmering irony of Jermaines tattooed in hairline. Brilliant satire, Colin!
  4. Well, that’s his problem. The album that I didn’t just make up and post is clearly awesome
  5. An “electro-mariachi track that beats the pants off of reggaeton(albeit a decade late)”with Los Lobos and Four Tet called “Cadenza”(instrumental) is track 1 track 2 is called “THIS IT IT!” A triple bass threat disco lounge # with Mr. Greenwood, Jermaine Jackson and STANLEY CLARK! Donald Fagen on keys and Boz Scaggs on vox, Bernard Purdy on drums. Though awe-inspiring in name talent some critics are already painting HI Q as a clown car that is too good to be true
  6. Well, y’know what is happening?... HI Q! Colin Greenwood’s bass odyssey Featuring Donald Fagen and Boz Scaggs, Gene Ween, Kathryn Bint and Los Lobos. Bernard Purdy(creator of the “Purdy” shuffle) and James Gadson on drums. This is really gearing up to be the most posh and sophisticated solo debut from any member we’ve seen so far!
  7. Tape Op magazine threw out some interesting tidbits about HI Q. Out Nov 5th!
  8. I can’t wait for HI Q to be sold online or on the shelves.
  9. Yes, for most of the material on Kid A in fact
  10. Sometime I lay awake staring at the puddle of jizz on my abdomen and I think “because we separate like ripples on a blank shore” and I weep
  11. What’s yer take—Chet Baker eunuch Adonis or Chet Dick Tracy villian
  12. Nirvana


    He(re)s washing you(re) poop, Kid
  13. (Removes scary cathook dick from one Girlinpurpledresses violated orifices)🐍 ~slither ‘pop’~🐍 Whossssss he? He looksssss kinky🐍
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