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  1. Ain’t you Glitchd and Thatthere and Facless? Dang it I thought you was up in here talkn to yourself, slangin an album to yourself an all kinda highjinks. Up in here talkn to yourself telling me I’m crazy for doing it. That’s pretty crazy man! Or maybe IM YOU and we playing up in the peanut gallery. Let’s you and me butt-fuck up in them dang woods!
  2. So watch you sayn is that dang ol reptile man bustn ass ain’t no real thing. But...the sexual fantasy itself is part of a conjuring of jinn energy from the lower astral plain??
  3. Tell ya what that dang ol reptilian be moving my Eros. Given me visions 👀
  4. You heard the mahin. Pull hii' finger! Yeeeeehoooooooo!!!
  5. Adds up to nothing, Columbo! My wife is a liberated women. If she’s happy, I’m happy! And I am NOT the guy in Codex!
  6. I am a beta male cuck... Shall I just put the din away, then?
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