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  1. Flaco


    Happy Turkey Day Pendejo
  2. Yeah come to think of it most of the lyrics in that song suck. “You’re so last week” etc . The second verse and falsetto end are good and the music is way cool.
  3. The second verse of videotape is a bit tacked on for the sake of resolve but the set up is so powerful it doesn’t matter
  4. Get yourself together Let the light pour in Pour yourself a hot bath Pour yourself a drink Nothing's gonna happen without warning ———————— always thought that lazy unclear un-arresting and not entirely connected to the rest of the song concept. The second verse is way more on point.
  5. I’d be greatly surprised if this had never been posted here before but here is my favorite write up of amnesiac http://lastplanetojakarta.com/articles/pyramid.html still a fun read
  6. Flaco


    happy halloween puta
  7. I think it is. I’m sure others have some ideas as to why. For one thing, I don’t think it ever would have been made if they weren’t in that particular unexpected fame spiral that they were in. It’s like after Kid A the world said “ that’s great! You got anything else! Anything else!” And they were just like “ uh yeah...uh here” but the result is such a clever and fascinating packaging illusion that it almost comes out the other end into a legit great record. And it’s where many of us, I suspect, began to fall deep into the rabbit hole. Amnesiac is some serious Kool-Aid, let’s dr
  8. It’s basically a culturally ignorant term. No offense to anybody’s shorthand.
  9. Maybe this already happened tho, and I missed it
  10. Translated to rh world it could mean Phil and Clive sitting on a pair of cajons for a track on lp10
  11. It’s not a genre so much as a marketing term selected for packaging compilations of various South American, African, Middle Eastern musical acts
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