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  1. Flaco

    Ban me

    Soon we’ll all be wearing dollar store clothes that make us look like pedophiles and taking water bottle showers in a tent city under the freeway
  2. Bunch a crazy homeless people living in a tent city
  3. Padre nuestro, que estás en el cielo
  4. Never let uzibir be the ambassador of ANYTHING. Dude was not smooth on that and Ed flipped the sign on that shit
  5. Gonna have me busting out the Zoot suit on National Anthem
  6. Flaco


    Happy birthday, bitch
  7. I mean...you want her runn’n around the whole freakn board like that? Fuck yer shit up, homes
  8. I mean honestly, even I think this shit gettn kina oughta hand, y’know?
  9. Yo, if you want I could take her out, ese. No prol’m
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