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  1. Lotta tent cities poppn up all over the place
  2. Track 4 is a folksy detour called “not worth jumping into a fucking river about” -sigh-this is worse than when rh killed Harry Patch by writing a song about him
  3. “While my guitar gently tweets”w/Gener and Moroder 😄
  4. Includes collaboration with Four Tet, Kathryn Bint, Los Lobos, Giorgio Moroder, Jon Brion,James Gadson, Gene Ween and Jermaine Jackson!? Produced by Kieran Hedben...so quite a lot of help.
  5. Colin Greenwood’s HI Q out Nov 5th 2020!!!
  6. Yeah, there were parts I couldn’t believe! Like Los Lobos being called in for “consultation” on a “mariachi-style number”. Are you kidding me?
  7. Hi Q: Colin Greenwood’s Bass Odyssey. GET IT!!!
  8. HI Q: Colin Greenwood’s Bass Odyssey
  9. Funny how Thom has been saying for years that if we showed you our barebones process it would dispell the illusion of what we are. Thats kind of how I feel about these leaks. Lots of murmering mediocrity. Encouraging from an artistic point of veiw. Just keep writing and present your shards of great when its ready. But far from magic.
  10. My mom let me rent Creepshow when I was 4. George Romero’s masterpiece if you ask me. Only truly successful comic movie ever made. THATS WHY IM SO FUUCKING MENTALLY ILL, DUDE!!!!
  11. Same. Wonder how many times a month she has to hear something like “ hey, you gave me my first boner when I was 5” ~cringe~ always wanted to hear the scoop about the prosthetic vag they made her wear in that scene. Seeing as how it’s probably the single factor that got it through the rating system. “Hey, technically it ain’t hardcore , Tipper Gore”
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