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  1. It would be funny if the post above actually had anything to do with the Kid A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary re-issue but somehow I doubt that's the case..
  2. Wait til you find out what Blow Out is actually about.
  3. Yeah and Pablo Honey isn't even song !
  4. It is weird how reddit just became echo chamber's for practically everything and any notion or sense of having a voice the way one sort of can here is generally lost... That said enjoy your downvote.
  5. I spent half of my life posting in the LP 9 thread..I don't know how I feel about that.. It's seems like yesterday we were analyzing Colon and Nigel's hand then figuring out about the Daydreaming then Burn the Witch videos then the white out etc etc..
  6. Some albums are mastered too loudly and they 'clip' (i.e. distort slightly at loud parts)
  7. What if Jonny is secretly the meanest member of the band.
  8. If it's unseen then how could anyone possibly know what's on it!
  9. Member when all we had to worry about was the bots?
  10. I'm the same age as Booger Bear, but I didn't see them until 08 in Indy..It was hot and I remember being mesmerized by those In Rainbows tour light poles as they were methodically bringing them out one at a time playing whatever pre-show music it was... And we got some Bangers and Mash..and Just..and most of In Rainbows obviously.. I recall before There There Thom saying "If you're looking for Kid Rock you're in the wrong place".
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