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  1. section 917

    Forum rules

    Who would've thought AtEase would be so active in 2020!
  2. section 917

    Forum rules

    Well that's an understatement..
  3. section 917

    Forum rules

    Firt time i write here even if i'm a memeber since a long time ago. I would like to have the lp has much has all of you but i can't get over all the whining! People get your shit togheter please. We've already got the single and it's spectre. I wish for more too but try to remember that radiohead don't own you anything. It's a pleasure to read you everyday but please stop to talk shit. And by the way identikit is gonna be amazing if the beat is faster. Peace to you all and let's hope lp9 will show up soon. Fucking new page always!
  4. section 917


    This is how Booger Bear will spend his final moments on AtEase.
  5. section 917

    What if Radiohead were dogs?

  6. But what if Radiohead were dogs?
  7. Oh by the way, which one's Pink?
  8. I don't remember if anything ever came of this: On July 25th, the submissions section will open on this site, giving you chance to upload your finished work to us electronically. This section will stay open right through the competition, so no need to rush your masterpiece. You may enter your track at any time, we will not discriminate between when a track was entered when we pick the 20 tracks each month. You'll have a better chance if you take a bit of time over something rather than slap it together in a hurry. On August 11th, we will be hitching our trousers right up around our waists and picking the first 20 or so tracks to go up on this site using a method which may involve both developing tinitus and throwing darts at walls. This lot will stay up for one month. Then we will do that all over again on September 9th, October 8th, November 11th,December 9th, and January 7th. We'll try our best to stick to that, but we reserve the right to be late, forgetful, slack, etc. It's like second nature to us.
  9. section 917

    Thom, Jonny, Colin, Ed, and Phil have been to every Radiohead show

    It would've been amazing to see them in that 2002 tour...
  10. section 917

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

  11. section 917

    Official LP10 Speculation Thread

    Not cool.