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  1. Damn. I guess Reddit was lying to me. You guys certainly aren't loving me like I was a brother. I didn't think Radiohead cared about file sharing? Thanks for the link, OKNOTOK.
  2. I was pointed in this direction, by Reddit. Although the site seems to be kind of... blank. 😞 I am really looking for good quality vids of Radiohead concerts from The Bends/OK Computer era. I bought the Astoria one, and I have the Glastonbury one (no Airbag?!). I would like some others from this time frame, if they exist. I wouldn't mind the Pink Pop one from 96 (the one with Lift), but I don't want to download it from YouTube, where the quality is questionable. Anyone give me a heads up? I hear this is the place to go to for this. I'm just not finding it. Help an old school Radiohead fan out. EDIT: Also, is there a good quality version of True Love Waits, from Belgium? The first performance? I am dying to have that, in good quality. It's magical. No soundboards?
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