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  1. fabri


    Ah so you didn't realise that what I posted was an LP9 atease meme
  2. fabri


    And once again, I think the melodies not being timeless "good" melodies is Thom's intentions
  3. fabri

    Official Mod Nomination Thread

    Oh god we lost the :september: emoticon ?
  4. fabri

    Best of r/radiohead

    Shadow Light Master.
  5. fabri


    That FMA rendition was such a treat.
  6. fabri

    Official Mod Nomination Thread

    I nominate kiks (not really tho)
  7. fabri


    It's amazing, actually. I suggest you get a regular one and not the one of the ones with the fancy textures, it was actually unpleasant getting it to the base of my penis when I used one of those. But the default is great. Each fleshlight needs to be broken in though, if you're too used to the the tight grip of your hand, or other textures. After about a week of use, it should be fine. It reconditions the way you orgasm, and it's quite amazing. It's like you use your entire body, really. You have to be careful though. Since the fleshlight is quite big, you don't want to get to erratic with your jerking during climax, as you can hurt yourself a little. But that's an issue I personally face, since I lay down. I don't know if it's an issue if you jerk off sitting, since you have more stability.
  8. fabri


    We need JuJu boa and shadow light master back too
  9. fabri


    Hey Adriaan, is there a more lightweight skin available for this on mobile? What I loved the most about atease is how barebones and quick it was
  10. fabri


    Good to be back!